Harry Reid

Harry Reid Retiring from Senate, Manhattan Fire, Cutest Little Animal

Some of the morning’s headlines

In Sterling's Wake, is Snyder Next?

Senator Reid says, “The only tradition that matters in sports is winning.”

Sen. Reid on Arpaio: Fix Broken Immigration System

The Senate Majority leader says he’s continuing to fight for immigration reform.

Harry Reid Holds Out Hope for Immigration Reform

The larger question is what will immigration advocates demand, and what will they capitulate on?

Reid: "DREAM Act Is Not a Symbolic Vote," Will Return This Year

Senate Democrats vow to follow the House’s historic vote during this lame-duck session.

McCain Runs Away from DREAMers as Reid Vows Senate Vote

But he can’t run too far.

Tough Prospects for DREAM Act's Lame Duck Passage

Latino voters may have helped save Harry Reid, but Republicans may keep him from following through on his agenda.

Latino Voters Save the West for Democrats

Exit polls suggest Harry Reid and Jerry Brown owe Latinos their jobs. Will they remember that fact?

Reid Promises DREAM Act Vote in Lame Duck Session

Win or lose, the embattled Senator says that he won’t back down.

Fighting Over--and Pushing Down--the Latino Vote in Nevada

Controversy rages as a Latino GOP strategist urges the state’s Latinos not to vote at all.

Sharron Angle: Reid Likes Thuggish "Aliens" Better Than "You"

Campaigning doesn’t get much uglier than this.

"This Is Not Over" -- What's Next for the DREAM Act

Young activists gear up for a new battle.

Republican Filibuster Stalls DREAM Act in Senate

Key Republicans have said they won’t vote for cloture. Here’s what happens next.

John McCain Loses Marbles, Promises to Block DREAM Act

McCain’s wacky back-and-forth on immigration reform continues.

Senate to Vote on DREAM Act Before Election

In a marked departure from the Democrats’ immigration reform strategy, Reid says he will try to pass the bill on its own.

DREAM Act On the Move

The bill could see the light of day soon.

Harry Reid's "Ground Zero Mosque" Fail

Majority leader cowers under pressure from GOP rival.