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Colorlines Favorites of 2018: On Normalcy and the Kondabolu Brothers Podcast

The Colorlines team is sharing our favorite shows, books, hashtags, movies and more of 2018. Here, arts and culture reporter Sameer Rao discusses the many comforts of the Kondabolu Brothers podcast.

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Facing Race Livestream: Watch Hari Kondabolu, Tarana Burke, adrienne maree brown and Many More!

Check out the keynotes and plenaries from Facing Race 2018.

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Hari Kondabolu to Deliver Second Keynote at Facing Race in Detroit

Esteemed writer, comedian, and podcaster Hari Kondabolu will deliver a keynote address at the nation’s largest conference for racial justice movement-making.

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'Warn Your Relatives' Before Seeing Hari Kondabolu's Netflix Special

The comic’s takes on media racism, class conflict and social justice aren’t for the faint of heart.

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Hari Kondabolu Celebrates Hank Azaria's Call for South Asian Writers on 'The Simpsons'

The White actor voices Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on “The Simpsons.”

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Hari Kondabolu Calls Out 'The Simpsons' for Dismissing Apu Criticism

“‘The Simpsons’ response tonight is not a jab at me, but at what many of us consider progress.”

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Hari Kondabolu’s New Doc Shows How the Racist Apu Character on 'The Simpsons' Still Haunts Desi America

Through his own experiences and those of actors such as Aziz Ansari and Kal Penn, the comedian explores the trouble with the animated Indian convenience store clerk in an hourlong documentary set to air on truTV. 

WATCH: Trailer for Documentary 'The Problem With Apu'

Comedian Hari Kondabolu breaks down why the “The Simpsons’” portrayal of Kwik-E-Mart proprietor Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is inherently racist.

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W. Kamau Bell Talks Surprising Success of 'Politically Re-Active' Podcast, Season 2 Return

Bell and Hari Kondabolu just brought their politics-and-humor podcast back for a second season. We caught up with Bell to discuss what to expect this time around.

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Year-End Goodness: The Best 2016 Movies, Music, Hashtags and More

Brilliant art, media and pop culture gave us something to celebrate in 2016. Here are Team Colorlines’ favorites, from music videos to podcasts.

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W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu Launch Election-Focused Podcast

“Politically Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu” debuts today.

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WATCH: Hari Kondabolu Discusses Iconic 'Roots' Scene in This Smart Joke

With the History Channel’s ”Roots” reboot airing this week, the timing of this new video couldn’t be more appropriate.

TruTV Greenlights Feature-Length Documentary and Pilot From Hari Kondabolu

The documentary will focus on “Apu,” a controversial character from “The Simpsons.”

RIP: Celebrate Phife Dawg's Life With These Classic Verses

The 45-year-old founding member of “A Tribe Called Quest” died today.

A Chat With the Creators of 'White Flight,' The Hilarious Web Series You Should Be Watching

Matt Braunger and Kevin Avery’s web series imagines America in 2042, when White people are the minority.

5 Best Twitter Clapbacks to Meryl Streep's 'We're All Africans' Nonsense

Oh, yeah. She said that.

The Best of the Latest Batch of #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite Zingers

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal ended his quest to be the GOP presidential nominee. You know what happened next. 

Today, Americans #RethinkColumbusDay

The hashtag #RethinkColumbusDay is trending today as Americans celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day and challenge Columbus’s genocidal legacy. Also, we’ve got two videos to help you combat Columbus Day in your own way. 

Facebook Apologizes For Not Taking Death Threat Against Hari Kondabolu Seriously

The comedian received a comment that threatened “a bullet” against him, only for the company to initially say that it didn’t constitute a threat. 

Top 10 #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite Tweets

Also read a statement from Hari Kondabolu, the comedian behind the hashtag.