Halle Berry

Lena Waithe and Halle Berry. Black woman in brown hat and black pants and shirt and navy and white flannel shirt sits on white chair next to Black woman in black pantsuit in White chair in front of Black man and woman and blue screen.

Lena Waithe and Halle Berry Update 'Boomerang' for TV

The new series follows the children of the 1992 Eddie Murphy film’s protagonists.

White man in black tuxedo stands next to Black woman in black dress in front of people in red and black and white clothing and darkly lit wall and bar

ICYMI: 9 Women of Color Accuse Hollywood 'Gatekeeper' of Sexual Harrassment

Manager Vincent Cirrincione, whose clients included Halle Berry and Taraji P. Henson, allegedly used his reputation for breaking famous Black actresses into a competitive industry to proposition and sexually harass them.

"Jungle Fever" movie poster with Black and White hands and fingers interlaced

Today Marks 25 Years Since 'Jungle Fever' Hit The Silver Screen

Spike Lee’s landmark film helped launch the careers of Halle Berry and Samuel L. Jackson while investigating taboos surrounding Black-and-White interracial relationships. 

No Acting Oscar in the Last Decade Has Gone to Latino, Asian, or Native American

And Oscar winners and nominees of color are less likely than their white peers to receive subsequent nominations.

Media Declares Race War in Halle Berry's Custody Battle

The actress cites the one-drop rule, saying that her toddler daughter is black. The daughter’s father, who’s white, disagrees.

Jezebel's September Fashion Mag Tally: Black Is Still Not Hot

But Halle Berry lands Vogue’s cover–the second black women ever, following Naomi Campbell 20 years ago.