Janelle Monáe. Black-and-white image of Black woman in black and white performance attire playing white guitar behind black-and-white microphone stand in front of white lights.

Your Favorite Artists of Color Won Big at the Grammys

See Janelle Monáe, Childish Gambino and other performers and victors rule the awards ceremony—even in their absence. 

Asian woman with black hair in black glasses and grey sweater and black undershirt speaks behind brown podium with black microphones and in front of blue curtain and red and white and blue U.S. flag

Attorney Tina Tchen Leads New Diversity Task Force for The Recording Academy

The organization behind the Grammys appointed Tchen, a former chief of staff for Michelle Obama, after critics accused it of overlooking women in the major Grammy categories.

Black man in black jacket and shirt holding gold awards statue behind black microphone and stand in front of purple background

From Kendrick Lamar to Luis Fonsi to Janelle Monáe, Must-See Grammy Awards Clips

How artists of color dominated the Grammys in song and speech.

Black woman with long black hair in black dress in front of dark grey wall with gold and white text and insignia

3 Black Grammy Awards Nominees Worth Watching in 2018

These three nominees prove that Black musical excellence is alive and well across genres and generations.

Black man in grey suit and hat hold gold and brown trophy and white piece of paper behind black microphone and in front of White man with black tuxedo and blue-lit wall

The Recording Academy Creates New Review Committee for Rap Nominations

The organization that runs the Grammy Awards says it wants to “eliminate the potential for a popularity bias that puts emerging artists, independent music and late-year releases at a disadvantage.”

Black woman in gold dress and jewelry and headpiece, surrounded by Black women in multi-colored dresses in front of grey-teal background

How Artists of Color Put Race and Politics Center Stage at the Grammys

From Beyoncé to Chance the Rapper, here are the performances, speeches and moments that made last night’s Grammy Awards ceremony as socially relevant as ever.

Black man in light blue shirt, black jeans and black baseball cap smiles against black, purple and green background

Chance the Rapper, A Tribe Called Quest and 23 Other Artists to Honor Prince and George Michael at Grammys

The performers involved in the highly anticipated Grammy tributes to the deceased artists will span genres and generations.

Black man in green outfit under purple patterned jacket behind black microphone stand and against blue lit background with White woman behind yellow drumset

Insider Says Prince's Music Will Return to Streaming Services in Time for Grammys

The Purple One’s music currently only streams on Tidal.

Did Kendrick Lamar Bite His Grammy Performance?

“I know Kendrick don’t know he bit my play but the person who told him to do that dose [sic],” tweeted Philly emcee Dice Raw. 

Kendrick Lamar Owned The Grammys Last Night

Kendrick may not have won “Album of the Year,” but who cares? Did you see that performance? 

Malawian Inmates Might Net the Country its First Grammy

“I Have No Everything Here” was recorded by 14 inmates and two guards at the Zomba maximum-security prison. 

Kendrick Lamar Tops Grammy Roster With 11 Nominations

D’Angelo’s “Black Messiah” and the “Hamilton” cast recording were also recognized during the 58th Annual Grammy Awards nomination announcement. 

What Soul Legend Bill Withers Told Aloe Blacc in Master Class

“I will erase a master tape and a master’s ass,” he said at the L.A. ASCAP  Expo.

Macklemore Becomes a Casualty of Snoop Dogg's Grammy Diss

He’s taking shots on Instagram.

Beyoncé: 'I Sing For Families That Have Lost Their Sons'

The superstar reveals the political messaging behind last night’s performance at the Grammys.

Iggy's Hair, Rihanna's Quinceanera: Best Memes of 2015 Grammys

But what was Prince wearing, though?

Black Lives Matter at the Grammys, But What About Black Talent?

Prince, Beyonce and Pharrell each sent political messages, but they may not have been enough.

2Pac Exhibit to Open at Grammy Museum Next Month

The exhibit opens February 2.

Drake Admits That The Best Rap Albums Don't Always Win Grammys

The Grammy’s rap awards are more a matter of popularity than anything else.

Queen Latifah Officiated Dozens of Gay Weddings at the Grammys

Here’s one .gif that captures it all.