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STUDY: Graduation Gap Growing Between Black and White Students

“What we see in our report lends credibility to what the student activists have been saying.”

Graduation Rates at Historically Black Colleges Drop

Graduation rates at historically black HBCUs, which were already facing scrutiny under a national push to improve outcomes in higher education, have fallen over the last five years.

Study: Many College Students are Part-Timers, Less Likely to Graduate

A new report finds that, barring serious reforms, today’s young people will be the first generation in American history to be less educated than their predecessors.

Blacks and Latinos Still Locked Out of Elite Colleges

As the achievement gap narrows, top schools increase admissions standards.

Less Than Half of Black Male Students Are Graduating

Schott Foundation breaks down data state by state and points to solutions.

The College Graduation Gap Can Be Shrunk

New reports show exactly how it can happen, and which schools are already doing it.

Latinos Key to Obama's College Grad Goal, Administration Says

President touts his victories in higher ed reform while Secretary Duncan talks up Latino efforts.

NCAA Champs: Duke Succeeds in Basketball and Graduation Rates

Last night, Duke University took the NCAA championship title. Honestly, I was rooting for the underdog Butler. But it was a good game. Props to the two teams’ basketball skills, but also to the fact that the graduation rates for the Black basketball student-athletes on both teams are on the higher end of the spectrum which dips as low as 13 percent at UNLV.