George Zimmerman

Close-up of a black man and black woman with somber expressions on their faces.

Trayvon Martin's Family Responds to George Zimmerman's $100 Million Lawsuit

Zimmerman was acquitted of killing the teenager in 2012. Now, he is accusing Martin’s parents and others of defamation.

Remembering Trayvon

Martin’s death at the hands of a vigilante sparked the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Florida Judge Strikes Down Updated 'Stand Your Ground' Law

Critics say the latest version of the law that helped exonerate George Zimmerman allows more people to claim self defense, even when they provoked the encounter.

Tracy Martin gray and white argyle sweater next to Sybrina Fulton in black cardigan and blue shirt, holding hands

Trayvon Martin Memoir to Hit Shelves in January

Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, wrote “Rest In Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin” to explore their child’s life—and death.

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Out of Despair, Hope: The 3rd Anniversary of #BlackLivesMatter, Zimmerman Acquittal

Where were you when George Zimmerman walked free after killing Trayvon Martin?

Gun Used to Kill Trayvon Martin Auctioned Off for $138,900

It has not yet been confirmed that the bid, placed by “John Smith,” is legitimate.

UPDATE: The Gun George Zimmerman Used to Kill Trayvon Martin Offered for Auction, Then Removed From Site

Bidding will start at $5,000 for the gun that he used to kill the unarmed 17-year-old.

Former Das Racist Member Kool A.D. Talks Police Violence, Writing and Kanye West

The ever irreverent MC, writer and artist just dropped a new EP, ”Real Talk.”

Trayvon Martin Would Have Turned 21 Today

He had just celebrated his 17th birthday when George Zimmerman shot and killed him.

Florida Gun Shop Auctioning George Zimmerman Confederate Painting

The store, which also proudly brands itself as “Muslim-free,” is auctioning the painting in support of Zimmerman and the store’s owner’s legal fees. 

Nepal Earthquake, Obama's Presidential Library, and That George Zimmerman Road Rage Incident

Some of Tuesday’s big stories

Federal Civil Rights Charges Unlikely for George Zimmerman

A long quest for elusive justice.

Gun Violence and the Zimmerman Verdict, One Year Later

Sunday marks one year since George Zimmerman walked free after his trial in connection to the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Twitter Reacts to Upcoming George Zimmerman Interview

Upcoming CNN interview raises questions about media’s proper role.

How to Make Sense of George Zimmerman's Senseless Fight With DMX

This story, and Zimmerman, aren’t going away any time soon.

George Zimmerman Arrested in Florida for Domestic Violence

It’s the second time in recent months that he’s been at the center of domestic violence complaints.

These Men Dressed Up as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman For Halloween

And if that doesn’t turn your stomach, then this might: the costume includes blackface and a bloodstained hoodie.

Florida Senate Looks to Revise 'Stand Your Ground' Law

The Florida law that aided George Zimmerman’s acquittal in Trayvon Martin murder trial is under scrutiny.

Shellie Zimmerman Says She Now Doubts Husband's Innocence

In an interview with NBC News, George Zimmerman’s wife talks about their recent altercation, and says she doesn’t know what her husband is capable of.

Update: George Zimmerman Released Without Charges

Shellie Zimmerman retracted statements made yesterday on a call to 911, saying she never saw a gun, and will not press charges.