George Takei

George Takei. Elder Japanese-American man with short gray hair wearing blue suite jacket and striped shirt seated in front of sign reading "Terror."

George Takei: 'We've Reached A New, Grotesque Low'

The activist and actor—whose new television show is set in a WWII-era Japanese-American community—says the horror of America’s immigration policy is ongoing.

George Takei on television set

WATCH: George Takei on 75th Anniversary of Internment Camps and Why Trump Could Be Repeating History

“You know, the real terrorist is Donald Trump…. We are going through an incredible time in American history.”

White woman in light blue skirt and coat, White man in navy suit and red tie, Black man in grey suit and blue tie and Black woman in maroon coat and skirt stand with hands on hearts in front of saluting military and others all standing on blue stairs

How Your Faves Really Feel About the #Inauguration

The Obamas’ departure from the White House and Donald Trump’s first day as president compelled many entertainers of color to speak their minds on social media. They didn’t hold back.

George Takei, wearing a black jacket, stands next to a Japanese-American grandmother wearing a brown jacket and white scarf.

That Time George Takei and Grandma Satako Saved Thanksgiving

A Donald Trump surrogate recently compared the president-Elect’s Muslim registry plan to Japanese-American internment during World War II. Contributor Sophie Sarkar reflects on this political moment through a heartwarming story about her grandmother meeting fellow internee George Takei after a Thanksgiving showing of his Broadway musical, “Allegiance.”

#WhitewashedOUT Tackles Hollywood's Erasure of Asian-Americans

The trending hashtag, created by Margaret Cho and The Nerds Of Color, emerged in response to Scarlett Johansson and Tilda Swinton’s controversial casting as originally Asian characters in two major studio films. 

Academy Apologizes After Ang Lee, Others Condemn Oscars' 'Tone-Deaf' Anti-Asian Jokes

“It pains us that any aspect of the show was considered offensive, and I apologize for any hurt the skits caused,” wrote Academy CEO Dawn Hudson in a letter to 25 Asian Academy members who condemned the telecast’s jokes. 

George Takei Compares Syrian Refugee 'Hysteria' To WWII Xenophobia

Takei talks about his time in an internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II and the current paranoia against Syrian refugees during an MSNBC appearance. 

George Takei Calls Out Virginia Mayor for Comments on Syrian Refugees

The acclaimed actor, who survived an internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II, wrote an open letter to Roanoake mayor David Bowers. 

PSA: George Takei Wants Straight People to Vote

Because they’re raising the gay leaders of tomorrow.

'Orange is the New Black,' George Takei Star at GLAAD Awards

The 25th annual awards ceremony took place over the weekend in New York City.

George Takei Denounces Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill on MSNBC

The state may be heading into another showdown over a controversial law.

Laverne Cox, Brittney Griner, George Takei Among This Year's Out 100

The list includes some of today’s most influential queer people of color.

George Takei: My Internment Taught Me Civil Liberties Don't Defend Themselves

The actor and activist traveled to Arkansas to dedicate a brand new museum built near the internment camp where Takei and his family were held during World War II.