For Season 2 of 'The North Pole,' Rosario Dawson Proudly Wears Her Activist Hat

“The North Pole,” a web comedy about Oakland friends fighting gentrification, climate injustice and mass deportation, is entering Season 2. Here, co-executive producer Rosario Dawson reflects on how she got involved with the show and the political power of storytelling. 

Black boy in grey hoodie and multicolored bandana and grey jeans and green plants in hair in front of crowd in multicolored clothing and grey pavement and green trees

READ: This Article Explores How Gentrification is Turning NYC's Subway Dancers Into 'Criminals'

A new Okayplayer article profiles street and subway dancers of color who, once a staple of New York City’s commuter culture, find their shows restricted by police and residents who seem them as a nuisance.

Black woman in pink, green and yellow dress surrounded by crowd with Black and White people in multicolored clothing on grey pavement near multicolored storefronts

Crown Heights Residents Protest New Restaurant for Using Black Poverty Stereotypes to Sell Drinks

Summerhill’s White owner promoted her sandwich shop in the rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood by citing its allegedly bullet-riddled wall and selling 40 oz. rosé bottles in paper bags.

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Bay Area Gentrification, Global Warming and Community Justice Collide in the Hilarious New Trailer for 'The North Pole'

The web comedy series, featuring cameos from Bay Area mainstays such as former Black Panther leader Ericka Huggins and comedian W. Kamau Bell, hits YouTube on September 7.The new trailer will get you ready. 

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Brooklynites Tackle Gentrification with 'Brooklyn Deep'

The creators of the digital media platform launched a Kickstarter campaign to support their reporting on Brooklyn’s gentrification.

Person in White polar bear costume next to Brown woman in white shirt with black sweater and blue jeans next to White man in blue shirt with grey cap and grey pants, all on grey couch against green grass

Oaklanders Fight Gentrification and Global Warming in 'The North Pole' Web Series

The creators took to Kickstarter to crowdfund the comedy, which features cameos from Ericka Huggins, W. Kamau Bell and Boots Riley.

Two homes sit side-by-side in the Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

#RentersDayOfAction Kicks Off Today in 48 U.S. Cities

Demonstrations have started in New York City and San Francisco, with others scheduled for Boston and Chicago.

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Web Series Finds Comedy in Washington Heights' Gentrification Woes

The team behind “Guap” took to Kickstarter to fund the series’ pilot.

The Chevron Refinery explosion in Richmond, California, on Aug. 6, 2012, resulted from failings on Chevron's part and nearly killed 19 employees. One employee escaped being engulfed by flames from wearing a full-body firefighting suit.

The Battle for Environmental Justice Continues 4 Years After Richmond Refinery Explosion

As community members and environmentalists fight for a healthier environment, they realize there’s another battle on the horizon.  

A car drives past a building that has been renovated beside one that is still derelict in Brooklyn, an area experiencing rapid gentrification on May 17, 2005, in New York City.

Inside 'Environmental Gentrification'

It’s grimy, it’s expensive—and it’s pushing poor people of color closer to polluters.

Junot Díaz Talks Gentrification, Trump and the Power of Theater in New Q&A

The celebrated Dominican-American author and scholar spoke his truth in a conversation with The Uptown Collective.

Food Justice Org Empowers Women of Color in New Episode of 'The Movement'

Mic’s docu-series visits San Francisco’s Mission District to profile local nonprofit “La Cocina.”

W. Kamau Bell Shows Us How to Fight Hate, One Awkward Conversation at a Time

With a new CNN docu-series, “United Shades of America,” and Showtime stand-up special, “Semi-Prominent Negro,” Bell continues to serve up his unique brand of race talk through the lens of never-mean jokes.

GENTRIFICATION SPOTLIGHT: How Portland is Pushing Out Its Black Residents (Part 2)

Portland, Oregon, has become one of the country’s worst examples of Black displacement and gentrification in the country. Part 2 of our report looks at how Black-led and multiracial coalitions are trying to come up with their own solutions.

GENTRIFICATION SPOTLIGHT: How Portland is Pushing Out Its Black Residents

Between its alarming legacy of racism and its skyrocketing rents, Portland, Oregon, has become one of the country’s worst examples of Black displacement and gentrification. What will it take for this hipster heartland to live up to its warm and fuzzy reputation?

D.C. Rapper Tarica June Tackles Gentrification and Power on 'But Anyway'

Check out the new video, which features the Washington, D.C., native visiting gentrified parts of the city she loves.

San Francisco's Coltrane Church Threatened With Eviction

The Church is one of the few remaining Black-run organizations in what used to be known as San Francisco’s “Harlem of the West.”

Brooklyn Parents Protest Plan to Desegregate Local Public School

Wonder what that screaming jogger thinks about this…

Kevin Hart, SNL Take on Gentrification in Bushwick, Brooklyn

It’s now a laughing matter.

Dispatch from Highland Park: Gentrification, Displacement and the Disappearance of Latino Businesses

Latino-owned stores seem to be disappearing in L.A.’s Highland Park at an alarming rate. Aura Bogado reflects on race, ownership, class and change in this quickly gentrifying neighborhood.