Study: Gender Impacts Racial Identity for Biracial People

The study also found that religion and socioeconomic status also matter.

Study Finds Sexism in STEM Hits Women of Color the Hardest

Harvard Business Review survey shows that Asian, Latino and Black women are at a much higher risk than white women for being pushed out of the STEM field by their colleagues’ biases. 

Writer Ayana Byrd: Imagine If Snoop Forcibly Kissed Taylor Swift the Way Madonna Kissed Drake

Enough is enough and “no” means no.

Big Freedia Talks Gender Identity

The reality TV star chooses to be the voice for many.

Former NFL Player-Turned-Actor Terry Crews on What Makes a Man in 2014

“Feminism scares men,” Crews says

Democrats Have a White Women Problem

Progressive strategy often focuses on voter turnout in communities of color, but Democrats seem to be losing on the backs of white-women voters. Can they do anything about it?

A New Labor Issue: Control Over Time

In a new sociological study of four medical-health professions, Naomi Gerstel and Dan Clawson explore how control over time in employment scheduling impacts workers.

'The Teacher Wars' Author Talks Race and Gender in American Education

First-time author Dana Goldstein talks about how race and gender have influenced the evolution of the U.S. education system.

An Asian-American Woman is Coaching in the NBA's Summer League

Natalie Nakase wants to win championships.

Watch What People Say to Teenage Girls on the Street

Young women in Philadelphia share their experiences with street harassment, some even being followed to school by strangers.

Marimacho Plays With Gender at New York Fashion Week

The gender queer fashion line made a splash at this year’s biggest fashion event.

Facing Race 2012: 'Race and Gender in the 21st Century' [Video]

Couldn’t make it to Facing Race 2012? Watch the full 70-minute plenary session on race, gender and the spaces in between.

Why We Need More Songs Like Lupe Fiasco's 'B@#ch Bad'

Lupe Fiasco’s sonic and visual exploration of the bad b@#ch phenomenon has sparked lots of critique. I’m too busy celebrating it to split ideological hairs.