Expanding the Dialogue on Race and Gender

Welcome to my new blog, On Gender. Thanks for stopping by. As we move into the new incarnation of, we’ve been thinking about how to balance and broaden our editorial mix. A focus on gender and race has emerged as an arena where race, politics and culture intersect, sometimes in subtle ways that both empower and constrain us. While a number of “women’s” blogs have emerged lately, often as part of a broader effort to develop niches within the political blogosphere or reach out to a specific demographic, we’re trying to do something different here.

Mail Order Wombs: Outsourcing Birth to India

So much of America’s economic activity takes place on faraway shores, from call centers in Mumbai to sweatshops in Shanghai. Still, you’d think that making a baby would be one job that’s hard to offshore. But today, for a fee, a woman in another country can serve as a “gestational surrogate,” carrying a fertilized egg to term and then delivering the baby straight to your door, halfway around the world.