Brown men and boys in multi-colored clothing kneel in prayer on red rugs in mosque with beige walls

'Our 100 Days' Short Film Series Tells Stories of Resistance

Firelight Media, Field of Vision and Fusion’s short-doc program highlights underserved communities resisting the Trump Administration’s policies.

Colorlines screenshot of Fusion interview with Tim Kaine, taken on November 8, 2016.

Tim Kaine Speaks on DAPL: 'Looking at Route Alternatives Is the Right Thing to Do'

This is the first the nation has heard from a candidate on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Woman in blue shirt and pink hijab against brown brick wall with white lettering

This New Video Rebukes Politicians Who Make Terrorism Muslim Americans' Responsibility

Fusion’s Yasmin Nouh says that both major parties are guilty of placing the burden on American Muslims to combat terrorism.

Man with white hair in navy suit and light blue shirt with black microphone against purple background

Jorge Ramos Condemns 'Trump Effect' On Immigrants' Children in New Interview

The Univision and Fusion anchor spoke to ReMezcla about Trump’s rhetoric and Fusion’s new documentary, “Hate Rising,” which will air tonight. 

Man with brown hair and black leather jacket holding black microphone and stand against blue background

Juanes, Andra Day to Perform at Univision Concert on U.S.-Mexico Border

Rise Up As One, conceived by the likes of Ava DuVernay and Lin-Manuel Miranda, is scheduled for October 15 on the Cross Border Xpress in San Diego.

Blurry image of woman and man in car with police officer in navy uniform outside

This Video Explains Why Stopping Black Drivers to Give Them Ice Cream is a Bad Idea

Fusion’s Charles Pulliam-Moore: “Ultimately, those sorts of things, they’re about performing what a good cop looks like, not actually being a good cop.”

A car drives past a building that has been renovated beside one that is still derelict in Brooklyn, an area experiencing rapid gentrification on May 17, 2005, in New York City.

Inside 'Environmental Gentrification'

It’s grimy, it’s expensive—and it’s pushing poor people of color closer to polluters.

READ This Exhilarating History of L.A.'s Super-Badass 'Ovarian Psychos' Bicycle Brigade

The Ovas, an all-women-of-color feminist and punk-inspired collective that reclaims contested spaces through empowering mass bike rides, are the subject of a new documentary that premiered at South by Southwest. 

This Video Answers the Question: 'What If 'The Whiz! Live' Had a Mostly White Cast?'

A new video parodies the “reverse racism” backlash to NBC’s “The Wiz Live!”

Killer Mike Claps Back at Ta-Nehisi Coates Over Bernie Sanders Criticism

The rapper and activist tweeted reactions to Coates’ piece in The Atlantic, which criticized Sanders’ position on reparations. 

WATCH: Video Explores Historical Links Between the Police and KKK

Fusion reports on the striking similarities between unsolved Civil Rights Movement-era killings and today’s police-involved deaths.

POLL: Young People Overwhelmingly Support Expanded Immigrant Rights

A Fusion poll finds that younger someone is, the more likley they are to have progressive views on immigration.

WATCH: ‘Prison Kids’ Documentary Explores Juvenile Justice System

The hour-long doc examines how kids end up behind bars and how it forever impacts their lives.

READ: A Researcher's Instagram Account Celebrates The 'Blaxicans' Of South Los Angeles

A new story from Fusion chronicles a mixed-race researcher’s social media project that celebrates and highlights the unique experiences and culture of mixed-African- and Mexican-American Angelenos. 

READ: Trans Latina Activist Bamby Salcedo Explores Justice After Hate Crime

The California-based activist penned a searing piece for Fusion detailing an assault where justice was served, as well as the steps it took for that to happen. 

Spike Lee: 'Post-Racial America is Bullshit'

The director talked about race and police brutality with Jorge Ramos.