A crowd of Black men raise their fists in protest

A Black Football Fanatic Explains Why Now Is the Time For Him to Kick His NFL Habit

Filmmaker, activist and former quarterback Byron Hurt has been obsessed with the game of football since he was a 7-year-old pee wee player. But recent events have convinced him to boycott an NFL he calls ”as toxic and racist as this nation’s current president.”

Young Black men kneeling on green football field in black and red uniforms

Texas HS Football Team Faces Season Cancellation for Kneeling Protests

The Beaumont Bulls actions were inspired by Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police violence.

Tony Dungy in beige suit next to brown metal bust of his head

Tony Dungy Honors Trailblazing Black Football Coaches at Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Dungy, the first Black head coach to win a Super Bowl, recognized predecessors during the ceremony at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Washington NFL Team Asks SCOTUS to Rule on Trademark Case

A federal appeals court is currently considering the legality of the team’s offensive name and related images.

Cheyenne River Sioux Say No to Washington NFL Team Donations

Washington NFL Team tries to buy absolution, Cheyenne River Souix Tribal Council says no.

Sportscaster James Brown Confronts Men on Violence Against Women

‘Our silence is deadly’

5 Racial Justice Issues You Can't Ignore This NFL Season

Get ready for another wild ride this season. But not in the ways you might expect.

'Forgotten Four' Tells the Story of Pro Football's Integration

Just in time for the start of football season.

Northwestern Football Players Face Steep Climb to Union

Things aren’t looking good in Evanston.

More Trouble for Dan Snyder's Foundation

Foundation’s CEO took nearly $1 million to recruit just 22 Natives for law enforcement positions in Indian Country.

How Michael Sam's Coming Out Impacts Every Sports Fan

The move will likely make him the first openly gay active NFL player since Dave Kopay in 1975.

Poll: Majority See Why Washington DC NFL Team's Name is Offensive

The poll was commissioned by the Oneida Indian Nation.

3 Things to Love About Palestinian-American Football Player Oday Aboushi

He’s more than just a controversy.

Let the Aaron Hernandez Prison Rape and Racist Jokes Begin

The saga surrounding the embattled football player gets more troubling by the day.

Ten Members Of Congress Urge Washington Redskins To Change Name

The football team owner says he’ll never change the name.

NFL Teams Are Breaking Their Own Rules by Asking if Manti Te'o Is Gay

Scandal surrounding the former Norte Dame star is stirring all sorts of challenges for the NFL, too, from employment bias to the definition of masculinity.

NFL Teams Are Asking if Manti Te'o Is Gay, Homophobia in Football Alive and Well

Yet another reason why we shouldn’t expect homophobia in sports to go away any time soon.

5 Ways Our Changing Culture Will Show Up at the Super Bowl

This ain’t your grandfather’s big game.

DC Mayor Says Redskins Football Team Must Consider a Name Change to Return to Town

The Redkins played in D.C. from 1937 to ‘97 when they moved to Landover, Md.

Internet to Obama: 'Take that N***er Off the TV,' We Wanna Watch Football!

Fans watching the San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots game at home were upset the game was interrupted to show Obama speaking at a Sandy Hook memorial.