Family Reunification

Protestors surround woman holding sign that reads families belong together in protest of the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy immigration and refugee policies in Los Angeles, California on June 30, 2018.

Migrant Families Still Being Separated at the Border

Border agents say they have “no obligation” to report new cases of family separation because they didn’t take place under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policy.

Trump Administration Proposes Longer Detention for Migrant Children

Trump Administration Proposes Longer Detention for Migrant Children

A newly proposed rule would circumvent a long-established agreement that limits child detention to 20 days.

Democrats call on Trump administration to reunite 500 children who remain separated from their parents

Democrats Demand Reunification Plan for 500 Separated Children

More than 40 days after the deadline to reunify thousands of immigrant families, hundreds of children still remain separated from their parents.

Migrant parents say they were intimidated into waiving rights to be reunited with their children.

Migrant Parents Say ICE Intimidated Them Into Waiving Reunification Rights

Immigrant rights groups say parents were misled and coerced into signing away their rights to be reunited with their children.

U.S. officials say they will meet deadline to reunify immigrant children with parents.

Immigrant Family Reunification By The Numbers

A look at where the United States government is in the process of reuniting thousands of immigrant children with their parents.

ACLU claims immigrant parents were misled into waiving rights to reunification with their children.

ACLU: Immigrant Parents Coerced Into Waiving Reunification Rights

A court filing by the civil rights group calls for temporary deportation stay for immigrant parents, as deadline looms to reunify families separated at border.

Report details deplorable conditions at child detention centers

'Terrorized': Report Details Conditions at Child Detention Centers

A report filed in federal court details hunger, dehydration and forced sleeplessness at child detention centers in the Southwest.

HHS submits news plan to reunite 2,500 children with their parents.

Feds Submit New Plan to Reunite Immigrant Families

The plan comes after a judge berates immigration officials for delaying reunification of some 2,500 children with their parents.

Brown woman with brown hair in blue dress in front of light blue wall with blue text

Here's What Your Favorite Latinx Showrunners Did to Fight Family Separation

“One Day at a Time” creator Gloria Calderón Kellett and “Vida” head Tanya Saracho used social media to get over 70 other TV shows to pledge support for organizations fighting family separation at the U.S. border. 

Judge orders Trump administration to end family separations at border and reunite separated families.

Judge Orders Trump Administration to Halt Family Separations, Reunite Families

Federal judge says government was not prepared to accommodate separated children, calls for families to be reunited within 30 days.

Watch Arianna Huffington Tell Former Obama Adviser That Record Deportations Are a 'Tragedy'

Huffington reminded the former Obama advisor that deporting someone means sending them back to a different country and separating them from their families.

Senate Drops Immigration Bill Summary, Will Let Some Deportees Return

Deportees who are the parents or spouses of U.S. citizens or permanent residents could apply to return. The same is true for some deported DREAMers.

Big Win? Senate Immigration Bill May Let Some Deportees Return

In a huge, unexpected victory, sources familiar with the soon-to-be-released Senate immigration reform bill say it may allow some deportees to return to their families in the U.S.

Could You Wait 163 Years to be Reunited With Your Family?

A 163-year pathway to citizenship contingent upon a broken family immigration system is not a real pathway.

Immigration Reform May Throw Siblings Under the Bus

Everyone knows the current immigration system is broken. For brothers and sisters waiting for family visas, the way some lawmakers hope to fix it could make things even worse.

Mee Moua Politely Schools GOP Senator Jeff Sessions on Separating Families

When white men get schooled by Asian women.

LGBT Couples Seek Inclusion in Immigration Reform

In the fractured patchwork of policies governing same-sex marriage, federal restrictions could overlap painfully for transnational LGBT couples.

Defining the Immigrant Family: Legal Reform and Common Sense

A legal analysis of the key problem that current immigration policy cannot answer: who do we call mom and dad?

Marriage Equality Without Borders: Prop 8 and Immigration

The Prop 8 ruling could change the meaning of the right to marry for couples facing other social barriers, including immigrants and people of color.