Study Reveals the Financial Impact of Mass Incarceration on Families

Nearly 80 percent of the 1,500 people interviewed said they have been denied or declared ineligible for housing because of their or a loved one’s conviction history.

L.A. Mom Deported After Protesting Foreclosure of Former Home

A 37-year-old mother of a 19-month-old girl, was arrested by LAPD officers for trespassing during a foreclosure protest at the home she used to live in.

Obama: Kids Stuck in Foster Care Due to Deportation a 'Real Problem'

President Obama says his administration must “make sure that children aren’t torn from their parents without due process.” A Colorlines.com investigation concluded at least 5,100 kids are stuck in foster care because their parents are detained or deported.

All Families Can Love Their LGBT Kids--Really, There's Data to Prove It

A unique research project followed LGBT youth from teens to adulthood to document how families from specific racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds dealt with their coming out–and to develop targeted tools to help other families.

U.S. Deports 46K Parents With Citizen Kids in Just Six Months

Data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request reveals nearly a quarter of people deported in first half of 2011 were parents with U.S. citizen children. That’s a dramatic increase from the 10-year period before the Obama administration.

Thousands of Kids Lost From Parents In U.S. Deportation System

A yearlong investigation by Colorlines.com’s publisher, the Applied Research Center, found more than 5,000 children stuck in foster care because their parents were detained by ICE. One in four deportees have U.S.-born kids and face total loss of parental rights.

Guatemalan Girl Stuck in Gut-Wrenching Adoption Scandal

A Guatemalan court has ordered a 7-year-old returned from her adoptive U.S. parents after determining she was snatched by local kidnappers five years ago. If U.S. intervenes, it’ll be a first for international adoption.

Thousands of Migrant Kids Trapped Inside the World's Border Politics

Displaced war and poverty, fleeing abuse and violence, or just trying to find their parents, youth who get ensnared at U.S. and European border crossings often face bleak conditions, say human rights monitors.

"Tiger Mothers" Are Driven by U.S. Inequity, Not Chinese Culture

Strict Asian parenting is often borne of struggle and exclusion and hardship, a reaction to learning that the American dream can remain elusive no matter how hard people work.

Readers Sound Off On Race-Conscious Parenting and Adoption

Terry Keleher’s essay on raising a black son as a white dad in a “post-race” world stirred intense emotions. He highlights the discussion and adds more thoughts.

Today's Love Goes to Music Bringing Home and Family Closer

“Holy moly me oh my, you’re the apple of my eye.”

Amid Recession and War, Grandparents Fill Voids With Love

Katti Gray profiles families who don’t have much more than each other this holiday season, but are getting by with that much.

Parenting Queer Youth--and Saving Their Lives

DeAnna Green turned to the Family Acceptance Project and discovered love’s a lifesaver.

White Dad, Black Son and Raising Kids in a "Colorblind" World

Teaching how to create a more just world is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.

Poll Shows Americans Accepting LGBT Families

Evolving public opinion reveals that more Americans count unmarried and LGBT couples in their definition of family.

Grandparents Keep Families Afloat

At least one in ten kids in the U.S. is being raised by a grandparent.