Facing Race 2012

Junot Díaz: 'You Need to Cultivate the Martí Mind' [Video]

Pulitzer Prize-Winning author Junot Díaz was Bill Moyer’s last guest of 2012 and sat down for an hour-long conversation to discuss the current state of affairs in the U.S.

Facing Race 2012 Bonus: Junot Díaz's Press Conversation [Video]

We cracked open the Facing Race vaults to share another Junot Diaz video. Call it a New Year’s gift for your brain, from us!

Junot Díaz on 'De-colonial Love', Revolution and More [Video]

Watch an excerpt of the Pulitzer Prize and MacArthur “Genius” grant winner’s keynote address at Colorlines.com’s Facing Race 2012 conference.

Facing Race 2012: 'Race and Gender in the 21st Century' [Video]

Couldn’t make it to Facing Race 2012? Watch the full 70-minute plenary session on race, gender and the spaces in between.

Facing Race 2012: 'Now What? Debriefing the Election and Talking Governance' [Video]

Couldn’t make it to Facing Race 2012? Watch the full 70-minute plenary session on what political power should look like in the space between elections.

Facing Race 2012: 'Culture Trumps Politics: Or Does It?' [Video]

Couldn’t make it to Facing Race 2012? Watch the full 70-minute plenary session on the role art plays in powering a movement.

Racial Justice Can Be Fun -- And We've Got the Pictures to Prove It [Reader Forum]

Weren’t able to join us for Facing Race in Baltimore? Not a problem. Here’s a quick rundown of some key takeaways.

Rinku Sen: We Are the Majority and We Demand Justice

Sen’s opening speech at Colorlines’ gathering of 1,400 racial justice change makers set the tone for a conversation that stirred so strongly it became a trending topic on Twitter.

'If God Forgives Us, Then Our Community Should Forgive Us Too'

Tayna Fogle, a formerly incarcerated voting rights activist, describes her fight on behalf of Kentuckians denied the right to democracy because they’ve been to prison.

Keeping Up With Colorlines at the Facing Race Conference in Baltimore

The Facing Race Conference–the largest national, multi-racial gathering of racial justice leaders, educators, journalists, artists, and activists–starts today!

Art and Activism in Charm City: Five Baltimore Collectives That Are Facing Race

There’s more to Baltimore’s arts scene than John Waters. Colorlines hung out with five collectives trying to reshape the city’s culture.

José Antonio Vargas: 'You Know Someone Undocumented'

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who’s become one of the nation’s most high profile immigration reform advocates talks to Rinku Sen about his journey.

Janet Mock on the Freedom of Telling Her Own Story

The People.com editor talks to Colorlines about coming out as a transgender woman of color and her newly visible role in LGBT politics. She’ll be speaking at Facing Race 2012 in November.

Jeff Chang on Hope, Change and How Culture Can Shape Politics

The author of one of the hip-hop generation’s seminal texts talks about shifting cultural images of Barack Obama, storytelling and what’s been inspiring him lately.

Negin Farsad on Drive-By Hate, Real Questions and Muslim Mainstreaming

The writer, director and stand-up comedian talks to Colorlines.com about making her film “The Muslims Are Coming.” Join Farsad and Colorlines at Facing Race 2012 in Baltimore.

Meet W. Kamau Bell and Deanna Zandt, Your Hosts for Facing Race

In this new video from the Facing Race team, W. Kamau Bell and Deanna Zandt invite you to Baltimore (between goofing around).

Junot Díaz Returns to Short Stories in 'This Is How You Lose Her'

The Pulitzer winner’s new collection of story tracks a man’s struggles with fidelity, beginning with him cheating on his girlfriend and ending with him cheating on his fiancee with 50 different women.

Junot Diaz Talks About Why He Writes About Race

Paula M. L. Moya says she’s always been struck by how interviewers avoid asking Dominican-American fiction author Junot Diaz about race, even though he writes about race.

Thinking About Attending Facing Race? Allow These Notables to Persuade You

Check out the star studded video of conference highlights presented by ARC Executive Director Rinku Sen, including testimonials from Melissa Harris Perry, Ai-jen Poo, and Van Jones.

Junot Díaz to Publish New Book One Month Ahead of Keynote at Facing Race

Junot Díaz, the

Dominican-American, Pulitzer Prize winning Fiction author is releasing a new collection of short stories in September.