Eva Longoria

Dora Film. All-Latinx cast of the live action film representing different ages.

All Latinx Cast Talks Race at 'Dora and the Lost City of Gold' Premiere

At the Los Angeles premiere of the live-action version of “Dora the Explorer,” Eva Longoria and others talked cultural pride and busting down stereotypes.

Eva Longoria. Latinx woman with brown hair smiles in black shirt and gold jewelry in frong of woman in brown leopard-print shirt and brown scaffolding and blue curtain

Eva Longoria Seeks Stories Affirming Latinx Humanity

“We have to think of ourselves as more, and I want to show that on TV.”

Miguel. Black Latinx man with black dredlocs in black suit and shirt holding silver award statue behind black microphone and stand in front of pink and blue lights

Miguel, Gina Rodriguez Earn ALMA Awards

See more winners from the celebration of Latinx excellence in media and entertainment.

Black woman in blue dress stands in front of a microphone

From Michelle Obama to Bernie Sanders, Dems Kick Off Convention With Heavy Hitters

We break down the can’t-miss highlights of the speeches from the first day of the DNC.

Jussie Smollett, Eva Longoria and More Spill the Hard Truths About Discrimination

Several Hollywood performers and creators who aren’t straight White men tell all in a new piece from The New York Times.

ICYMI: 3 Life-Getting Golden Globes Moments

Eva Longoria and America Ferrera openly clowned the awards for their racism, and winner Taraji P. Henson handed out actual cookies. Cookies.  

Eva Longoria: 'I Was Fortunate to Grow Up in a Family of Activists'

The actress talks about why she co-founded a PAC for Latino Democratic candidates.

Here's What You Won't See About Domestic Workers on 'Devious Maids'

Welcome to the not-so-sexy side of domestic work.

Watch Kerry Washington's Powerful DNC Speech on Threats to Women's Rights

Actress Kerry Washington’s speech at the DNC.

Planned Parenthood President, Eva Longoria, Lilly Ledbetter to Speak at DNC

The Democratic National Convention Committee unveiled a list of prominent women Wednesday that are scheduled to speak at the party’s upcoming convention, including Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Lilly Ledbetter and actress Eva Longoria.