Ethnic Studies

Sign reads, "No history, no self."

Judge Rules That Arizona Mexican-American Studies Ban is Racist

“Both enactment and enforcement were motivated by racial animus.”

Arizona School Chief's Takes Parting Shot at Tucson's 'Culturally Relevant' Classes

One last attack from the state schools chief who’s made fighting Tucson’s ethnic studies curriculum a personal project.

In San Francisco and Los Angeles, Ethnic Studies on Its Way to Classrooms

As an option for San Francisco students and a requirement for Los Angeles high schoolers.

Cal State L.A. Students Push for Ethnic Studies Requirement

Another showdown is brewing over ethnic studies.

Arizona Ethnic Studies Ban Appealed

Parents and students appealing the ban argue it violates the First and 14th amendments and goes against teachers and education expert recommendations.

Univ. of Wisconsin to Hmong-American Studies Classes

The local Hmong community advocated for the position for years.

Tucson Freedom Summer, Or 5 Ways to Fight Back Against An Unjust Law

Arizona’s ban on ethnic studies hasn’t stopped organizers and educators in Tucson from fighting back against the law. Here’s how they’re doing it.

Texas GOP Adopts Platform to Oppose 'Critical Thinking' in Schools

The Republican Party of Texas’ recently adopted 2012 platform contains a plank that opposes the teaching of “critical thinking skills” in schools.

Tucson's Ousted Mexican-American Studies Director Speaks: The Fight's Not Over

Sean Arce may have been fired, but he’s not going to stop defending the Arizona ethnic studies program he says is actually reaching Latino students.

Official Who Banned Mexican-American Studies in Tucson Targets Colleges

John Huppenthal, a state official who spearheaded the attack on the Tucson program appears to have a new target: Mexican-American studies at the college level.

'The Daily Show' Takes on Tucson's Ban on Mexican-American Studies [Video]

The Daily Show’s Al Madrigal traveled to Arizona to interview a Tucson school board member who said he voted for the ban on Mexican-American studies program based on the powerful evidence of hearsay.

Today's Love Goes to Arizona's Banned Book Smugglers

The Librotraficante Caravan is bringing contraband books–or “wet-books”–to Arizona.

Tucson Youth Group Hosts Their Own Chicano Studies Classes

Organizers from UNIDOS, a youth group that opposes the Mexican-American studies ban that went in to effect January 1st in Tucson, have started organizing their own ethnic studies classes.

Audit Finds that Tucson's Ethnic Studies Program is Legal

Arizona state superintendent John Huppenthal is still pushing to strip schools of millions of dollars in funding for teaching courses that “promote ethnic solidarity.”

Tucson School Board to Debate Future of Ethnic Studies Tonight

HB 2281 is a state law which outlawed public school classes that advocated “the overthrow of the U.S.”

Dolores Huerta: Let's Violate Arizona's Ethnic Studies Ban

The United Farm Workers co-founder urges Tucson’s educators to violate the controversial new law.

Tucson Has 60 Days to Shut Down Ethnic Studies Classes

Get ready for a showdown between the district’s teachers and state school officials.

Arizona Teachers Sue to Protect Ethnic Studies

Supporters hope a court injunction will keep classes going well past December.

Ethnic Studies is Broadening, Arizona Be Damned

The academic field’s complex growth mirrors race relations today–which is at least part of why it scares Tom Horne so much.

Chicano Studies Teach "Ethnic Chauvinism," Says AZ School Chief Tom Horne

Arizona’s State School Superintendent Tom Horne took to the airwaves yesterday to defend HB 2281, the law that he wrote that bans ethnic studies classes in Arizona public schools. He and Georgetown sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson duked it out on CNN, and Horne stuck to his talking points on ethnic studies: they promote divisiveness, they separate kids of color and they teach kids that they are oppressed.

His actual words: