Equal Justice Initiative

Bryan Stevenson. Black man in gray jacket suit, black pants and tie, white shirt, standing on the steps of a courthouse.

EXCLUSIVE: Powerful Clip From HBO Doc on Bryan Stevenson's Liberatory Work

In “True Justice,” the Equal Justice Initiative founder connects the dots between enslavement and death sentences for Black people—and breaks down why he is committed to ending mass incarceration.

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LIVESTREAM: Concert Marks Opening of Museum and Memorial Dedicated to Black Victims of White Supremacist Terror

Catch The Roots, Usher and more live from Montgomery as they celebrate Equal Justice Initiative’s new Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

Black woman in brown dress with white stripes and black belt walks next to Black man in navy suit and blue shirt in front of suspended brown blacks and brown floor and ceiling

Oprah Winfrey Goes Inside New Memorial for Lynching Victims

Winfrey visited the National Memorial for Peace and Justice with Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson for “60 Minutes.”

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3 Hot Tickets You Need in Your Life Right Now

Music and theater lovers take note.

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This Interactive Website Maps Lynchings in Jim Crow America

The Equal Justice Initiative’s Lynching in America website lets users view lynchings by state and see video testimonals from the descendants of racial terror victims.

Museum room with grey walls, brown ceilings and exhibits in greyscale and black with white text, with Black people walking on grey floor

WATCH: Equal Justice Initiative Previews Racial Justice Museum, 'From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration'

The organization offers a video preview for the museum, which is scheduled to open in Montgomery, Alabama, in 2018.

Black and white drawing of white people and Ku Klux Klan members behind row of Black people

New Short Animates History of Lynching and Racial Terror in the U.S.

The video, narrated by Bryan Stevenson and animated by Molly Crabapple, is presented by the Equal Justice Initiative.

Part 5—Race Trips: Confederate Lies and Apple Pie

In Part 5 of this Colorlines series, journalists Brian and Erin Hollaway Palmer, an interracial couple, continue their trip through the Deep South where they’re confronting sugar-coated Confederate history, the stories of their ancestors, and the profound weirdness of a polite society plagued by racism.