Twitter is Not Feeling Whitewashed ‘Gods of Egypt’

Another day, another Hollywood erasure. For this go-‘round, Ancient Egyptians are looking mighty White. 

Cairo's Million Woman March Crashed by Anti-Feminist Activists

On International Women’s Day, women surge forward globally, despite conservative obstacles.

Today's Love is for the Women Who Bring the Revolution

In this video, Egyptian women shatter stereotypes about their perceived oppression.

MLK Civil Rights Comic Inspires Activists in Egypt

Dalia Ziada translated the work into Arabic and Farsi and distributed 2,000 copies before Egypt’s revolution.

Tavis Smiley Calls Out Bill Maher's Troubled Stance on Muslim Men

What? You didn’t hear that Bill Maher is now an expert on women’s rights?

SNL Spoof Thanks America for Hosni Mubarak's 30 Year Reign

Because behind every horrible dictator is an enabling superpower.

Today's Love Goes to Egypt's People Making History

The world has joined in their moment of celebration.

Protest: "I Am An Egyptian Woman, Rejecting Injustice"

With passion, courage, and the gift of gab, sisters like Asmaa Mahfouz are playing a major role in Egypt’s transformation.

Youth, Joblessness and Revolution in Egypt--and America?

We’ve got a generation of marginalized and increasingly frustrated youth here, too.

Egypt's Uprising Forces a New American View of the "Arab Street"

We now see people who demand freedom, rather than a scary “other” challenging our own.

In Egypt, Community Building Once Again Proves Its Power

Greed and vicious competition are not human nature.

Today's Love Is for the People of Egypt

The world’s watching the country’s brave fight for freedom.

Nationwide SB 1070 for Muslims: On the Books Since 2002

Like Arizona’s infamous Latino-targeting SB 1070, NSEERS is less a law than a reason to make arrests.