REPORT: U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Challenges Congress to Tackle Inequity in America's Schools

“School finance inequity is a standard feature of American public schooling and low-income students and students of color disproportionately live its consequences.”

Handcuffs carved out of jade

REPORT: Strategies for Protecting Youth of Color From Disparate School Policing

The National Education Policy Center offers recommendations for revamping the way Black and Brown children are disciplined in schools.

Black man in khaki suit and blue tie next to Black man in black suit and tie in front of blue-lit white wall and ceiling

Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan Reunite for Ta-Nehisi Coates-Penned 'Wrong Answer'

The film will explore the 2006 Atlanta Public Schools standardized test cheating scandal, which prompted national debate about the strict testing provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Protestors, one holds sign that reads, "Cut your hair, not the budget."

These Three Federal Civil Rights Offices Are in Trouble

The proposed 2018 budget continues the Trump Administration’s trend of devaluing—and defunding—federal civil rights enforcement.

Black women in black and yellow commencement robes and black, green, gold and red stoles in crowd of similarly attired Black women and men

Black Twitter Hearts Bethune-Cookman Grads for Protesting Betsy DeVos

Freshly minted graduates of the Florida HBCU responded to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ commencement speech with boos and turned backs, and the Internet loved it.

White woman in purple jacket speaks from behind podium on senate floor

WATCH: Senate Democrats #HoldTheFloor for 24 Hours Ahead of Betsy DeVos Vote

The senators aim to convince just one more of their GOP colleagues to vote no on Trump’s nominee to head the U.S. Department of Education.

White man in black suit with navy-and-white-striped tie next to Black man in black sweatshirt and gold necklace against group of White people in brown elevator

Kanye West Tweets About His Meeting With Donald Trump

West shocked the world by meeting with Trump during one of his first public appearances since his release from UCLA Medical Center.

John Oliver sits at a desk with graphic that says "School segregation."

Watch John Oliver Break Down How School Resegregation Hurts Students

“You don’t have to be intentionally racist to do things that have racist effects.”

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STUDY: Race Impacts Student Referrals for Gifted, Special Education

Study author Rachel Fish: “This subjectivity has implications for inequalities in education by race and ethnicity.”

Oakland Program Boosts Academic Performance for Students of Color, Looks to Expand

Seneca Family of Agencies’ “Unconditional Education” model improved kids math, reading, attendance and discipline.

Report: We Need More Teachers of Color

“All students benefit from teacher diversity.”

Parents: Schools Not Preparing Students of Color for Future

From lack of funding to low expectations, a new survey finds that Black and Latino parents don’t trust public schools to help their kids succeed.

Congresswoman Proposes Bill to Support HBCUs

If approved, the HBCU Innovation Fund Act will provide $250 million in competitive grants for historically Black colleges and universities.

STUDY: White Teachers Often Expect Black Students to Fail

And researchers say those low expectations frequently become self-fulfilling prophecies.

STUDY: Graduation Gap Growing Between Black and White Students

“What we see in our report lends credibility to what the student activists have been saying.”

This Google Doodle Aims 'To Not Only Turn Heads, But Souls As Well'

Tenth grader Akilah Johnson’s winning Google Doodle draws from the history of Black resistance and pride.

Leading Native Artists and Activists to Speak at 'Creating Nations' Symposium

The Northwestern University event—which aims to highlight the transformative power of Native peoples’ art—is scheduled for April 1. 

#TBT: Today Marks 17 Years Since NYPD Officers Killed Amadou Diallo

His family is still fighting against police violence. 

Anti-Muslim Protests on First Day at Houston’s Arabic Immersion School

Protestors denouce Arabic immersion school for kindergarten and preschool students as “anti-American.”

#ILookLikeAProfessor Deads College Professor Stereotypes

Professors are taking to their Twitter timelines to show that professors aren’t all old white dudes with elbow patches.