Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long Sued for Alleged Ponzi Scheme

The suit argues that the embattled bishop helped trick his parishioners out of over $1 million.

Bishop Eddie Long Wants His Settlement Money Back

The young men who publicly accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual coercion may have violated the confidentiality terms of their legal settlement.

Eddie Long and the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Pall Over the Black Church

Many in the black LGBT community hoped Long’s sexual-abuse controversy would prompt a much-needed real conversation about sexuality in the church. It didn’t.

Bishop Eddie Long Hasn't Learned

Bishop Eddie Long’s latest spate of all-men’s prayer vigils undermine the do-right masculinity he so desperately covets.

Our Love is Newsworthy, Too

After weeks of awful gay-news headlines, it’s time to celebrate our personal victories, too.

Readers Talk Eddie Long, Abuse, and Power

A round-up of some of this week’s best reader-lead conversations.

The Real Charge Against Eddie Long: He Defiles Love

Jamal Parris’ interview reveals the crime at the core of the case–and of Long’s ministry.

Eddie Long's Got Relationship Advice For You

Jezebel digs up the accused pastor’s book, which he tackles everything from “sexual freedom” to the proper place for a woman.

Eddie Long Scandal Forces Taboos to Surface in Black Church

More charges come, CNN’s Don Lemon reveals his own history with sexual abuse, and Long vows to fight.

Bishop Eddie Long and the Lessons of Self-Hate

The megachurch pastor’s sex scandal tells us a great deal about the relationship between internal and external hate.

Hits Keep Coming for Eddie Long

Third man comes forward with allegation of sexual coercion, while Long goes silent.

Anti-Gay Pastor Eddie Long Sued for Sexual Coercion of Men

Two men wage sexual coercion charges.