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Performing Blackness Won't Fill Our Asian-American Culture Deficit [OP-ED]

The fight for media representation has become one of the most prominent rallying cries among Asian Americans. But if we wish to subvert White hegemony, we must step away from the imitation of Whiteness’ exploitation of Blackness.

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How 'Fresh Off The Boat' Executive Producer Melvin Mar Helped Change Hollywood Behind the Scenes

The third season of the family comedy premiered this week. Here, Melvin Mar talks about making history with the first Asian-American show in 20 years and the long game he played to get it on the small screen. 

Shaquille O'Neal to Appear on Next Season of 'Fresh Off the Boat'

O’Neal’s appearence was announced by producer Melvin Mar at the Asian American Journalists Association’s annual conference in San Francisco this weekend. 

'Fresh Off the Boat': How to Know You're Chineez Enough

The best episode of the season? Perhaps.

'Fresh Off the Boat': You Think They're Going to Put Two Chinese Boys on TV?

In other words, pursue acting at your own peril.

'Fresh Off the Boat': Chinese Numerology 101

ABC really put this on network television?

'Fresh Off the Boat' Gets Its First Gay Character

We meet Jessica’s college flame.

'Fresh Off the Boat': What Are You If You're Not the Best?

How much discomfort can we stomach to reach our dreams?

'Fresh Off The Boat': Eddie and His Chinese-Jewish Rival

It’s going to take more than shared Chinese heritage to make Eddie and Phillip become friends.

'Fresh Off the Boat': Eddie's School Bus Travails

A middle schooler’s valiant attempts to woo a crush.

'Fresh Off the Boat': A Sweet Father-Son Fiction

Everyone learns something in Tuesday night’s episode.

'Fresh Off the Boat': The Search for Porn

The troubles of a suburban middle-school outcast

Fresh Off the Boat's Rocky Relationship With Hip-Hop

Is Huang’s real-life relationship with hip-hop too complex for sitcom television?

'Fresh Off the Boat' Won't Make You Cringe!

No chopsticks jokes here.

How to Tell If Your Memoir's Being Whitewashed for Network TV

“If you’re high enough, orange chicken ain’t so bad.”

Eddie Huang Sounds Off About 'Fresh Off the Boat'

The restaurateur takes his show’s producers to task.

Randall Park Knows You're Nervous About 'Fresh Off the Boat'

TV’s newest Asian-American dad talks about race and the pressure that comes with being on the first Asian-American family sitcom in 20 years.

Eddie Huang on 'Fresh Off the Boat': It's a Phrase 'Worn With Pride'

The show’s creator responds to critics.