Dream 9

The Dream 9, One Year Later

We check in with three of the nine people who made headlines when they reentered the U.S. to ask for asylum.

Watch DREAMers Come Back Home

Two live streams are airing both sides of another historic border crossing.

Dream 30 Activist Granted Release

But will the others be coming home, too?

Seven of the Dream 30 Group Have Been Released

Activists want to know what will happen with the others hoping to return to their communities in the U.S.

Dream 30 and Others Cross the Border

It is yet unknown whether they will be placed into detention.

The 'Dream 30' Risk Detention to Return to the U.S.

A group of 30 undocumented immigrants are following in the footsteps of the Dream 9 in an attempt return to the U.S. Inside one activist’s struggle since she left the States.

Meet a 16-Year-Old Coming Home with the Dream 30

Have dreams. Will travel.

Live Chat: High Stakes Activism

Four activists who’ve risked their livelihoods, arrest or personal safety to achieve justice talk about what fuels them.

The Return of Direct Action

From the Dream Defenders to the Dream 9, the spirit of the March on Washington lives on in youth-led direct action and strategic protest.

Deported but Determined: DREAMer Raises Funds for London Grad School

Nancy Landa was deported to Mexico–but that’s not stopping her from achieving her dream to advocate for international migrants.

The Dream 9 Come Home

The nine transnational activists were released from detention, and are all headed back to their communities in the US.

Watch Aura Bogado's Live Chat with Maria Hinojosa on the Dream 9

Colorlines’s Reporter Aura Bogado gives an update on the Dream 9 in a live chat with Maria Hinojosa, Yajaira Saavedra, and Matthew Kolken.

Seven of the Dream 9 Establish Credible Fear for Asylum

Supporters are pleased, but still working to release the activists from detention.

Nine Things You Don't Know About the Dream 9

For starters, they crossed over into the United States legally.

'A Girl Hanged Herself Here'

70 women go on hunger strike at Eloy Detention Center to protest terrifying conditions and demand their own releases.

Dream 9 Mom: "My Son Is a Warrior"

For family and friends of the Dream 9 border crossers, activism is catching.

Undocumented Activists Take a Giant Risk to Return Home

The so-called Dream 9 crossed the U.S./Mexico border yesterday amid cheers from supporters. Now comes the hard part: actually staying in the United States.