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Rachel Dolezal Debacle, Strauss-Kahn Acquitted, Twitter CEO Resigns

Some of Friday’s big headlines

French Media Outlets Report Strauss-Kahn, NY Maid Settle for $6 Million

The two largest French newspapers Le Monde and Le Figaro are reporting Strauss-Kahn and Diallo are expected to meet on December 7 to “sign a financial agreement ending the civil proceedings.”

DSK and Satoshi Kanazawa Are Sorry They Hurt Our Feelings

My 19-month-old nephew is better at apologizing than the former IMF chief and the former Psychology Today blogger.

DSK Rape Case Takeaway Number 8: So-Called Credibility Trumps Justice

As expected, Nafissatou Diallo’s inconsistencies have compelled prosecutors to abandon her sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn. It’s a sad day in so-called justice.

Judge Dismisses Sexual Assault Charges Against Strauss-Kahn

A Manhattan Judge has dismissed all charges at the prosecution’s request.

A Few Thoughts About 'Paying' Rape Victims

The Beautiful Struggler asks why rape victims who seek compensation are less believable than those who don’t. Good question.

DSK Rape Case Takeaway Number 7: Alleged Victims Are People, Too

With her credibility in question and the prosecution wavering, Nafissatou Diallo, the Sofitel maid at the center of the DSK rape case, has joined the media circus. Brace yourself for a rape culture extravaganza.

Violence Against Migrant Women Won't End After DSK Case

From Indonesia to the Congo–and back to the U.S.–migrant laboring women are attacked systematically and with impunity.

DSK Rape Case Takeaway No. 6: Alleged Victims Can Change the Script

The Guinean hotel housekeeper drew the line with the New York Post. I say good for her.

Who's Really on Trial in the DSK Rape Case? [Reader Forum]

A very rich, powerful man is accused of raping a woman of color. So why is his accuser’s past on trial? Readers chime in.

DSK Rape Case Takeaway No. 5: You Have to Be the Perfect Victim

The prosecution that was once so sure of its case against former IMF chief Dominique Strass-Kahn is wavering. Score one for victim-blaming.