Detention Centers

ICE Detention Officer Complains About 'Third World' Mothers and Children

Things are getting pretty bad at the Artesia detention center

Immigrant Detainees Work for a Dollar a Day

Hard work, low pay and threats of solitary confinement

Asylum Seekers Demand Release from El Paso Detention

Even after establishing credible fear, detainees remain in custody.

Immigrant Detainee Mom Hospitalized While on Hunger Strike

Anselma López was taken to the ER Monday evening.

Adelanto Immigrant Detention Facility Under the Microscope

Three young women locked themselves to the facility gates today on behalf of three individuals currently detained there.

Dispatch From Eloy: Detained, and Waiting for Reform

Inside Eloy Detention Center in Arizona, the newly prolonged wait for immigration reform is drearily familiar.

Gay HIV-Positive DREAMer Deported Despite Community Pleas to ICE

If immigration officials followed their own guidelines, Wasington Coelho Ribero should never have been deported, advocates say.

HIV-Positive DREAMer in Urgent Need of Medical Care Stuck in ICE Custody

A petition is urging ICE to immediately release and end deportation proceedings for a 27-year-old HIV-positive DREAMer that was held in a Florida detention center without medical care.

California Senate Moves To Protect Immigrant Families in Deportation

Nearly a quarter of the U.S. citizen children that found stuck in foster care as parents moved through detention and deportation are in California. The state Senate is moving forward with a bill that would keep their families together.