Department of Education

Brown people protest outside. One board cardboard sign reads, "I believe in affirmative action."

Trump Administration Reverses Education Affirmative Action Policy

“This is a wholly political attack.”

Black boys in red graduation caps and gowns, heads bowed in prayer

Here's How to Find Out How Racist Your Kids' School Is

Your step-by-step guide to using the Department of Education’s latest data release to uncover—and address—the racial disparities in your district.

White woman in blue suit at brown podium speaks to crowd including Brown teenage girl in grey sweatshirt and blue jeans

Harvard Students Protest Betsy DeVos With 'White Supremacist' Sign, Raised Fists

Activists demonstrated at the venue where the secretary of education was speaking in response to her policies surrounding school choice, campus sexual assault and transgender students.

Protestors, one holds sign that reads, "Cut your hair, not the budget."

These Three Federal Civil Rights Offices Are in Trouble

The proposed 2018 budget continues the Trump Administration’s trend of devaluing—and defunding—federal civil rights enforcement.

White woman in purple jacket speaks from behind podium on senate floor

60 Civil Rights Groups Push DeVos to Protect Students

“You and the president have the opportunity in this decision to demonstrate a commitment to core American values of equal opportunity, nondiscrimination and diversity.”

White woman in purple jacket speaks from behind podium on senate floor

Senate Votes Yes on Betsy DeVos

The full Senate voted immediately after Democrats’ 24-hour #HoldTheFloor attempt to sink DeVos’ nomination for secretary of education.

White woman in purple jacket speaks from behind podium on senate floor

WATCH: Senate Democrats #HoldTheFloor for 24 Hours Ahead of Betsy DeVos Vote

The senators aim to convince just one more of their GOP colleagues to vote no on Trump’s nominee to head the U.S. Department of Education.

New Survey Highlights Civil Rights Issues in Public Schools

For the first time, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights added questions about the presence of law enforcement in schools.

Report: We Need More Teachers of Color

“All students benefit from teacher diversity.”

Obama Announces Federal 'Ban the Box' Measure, Other Criminal Justice Reforms

President Obama: “We’ve gotta make sure Americans who’ve paid their debt to society can earn their second chance.”

Dept. of Ed Probes Complaint That Newark School Closures Racially Discriminate

Black students are just 53 percent of Newark students but 73 percent of those whose schools were shut in 2011-2012.

Lawsuit: Juvenile Solitary Confinement Blocks Education

Contra Costa County holds youth with disabilities in solitary confinement and denies them access to education, a federal lawsuit alleges.

Federal School Discipline Guidelines: How to Stop Racial Discrimination In the Classroom

The guidelines are part of a federal initiative to end the school-to-prison pipeline.

Obama Administration Tells Colleges: Don't Be Afraid to Use Affirmative Action

It’s the administration’s first guidance since the Supreme Court ruled on affirmative action this summer.

Civil Rights Complaints Against Schools Spike to Record High

Education Department says more people are speaking up because they believe feds will help now.