What the Candidates Said About Black Lives Matter During Last Night’s Debate

Bernie Sanders: “We need to combat institutional racism from top to bottom.”

Why Obama Brought Class Size Into Last Night's Foreign Policy Debate

The United States can educate its way to global dominance, Obama argued.

Debate Avoided Immigration Due to Narrow Foreign Policy Focus

The foreign and domestic policy debate structure may be about as antiquated as those bayonets Romney got zinged with last night.

Who Are 'Gangbangers' and Are They Treated Fairly? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers respond to the second presidential debate’s heated exchanges on immigrants, women, and diversity vs. fairness.

Obama Won the Prize for Authentically Hugging His Wife at the Debate

Which candidate gave his wife the best hug?

Romney Cares About All Immigrant Children, But Only After They Join the Military

From self-deportation to the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform, Romney spoke up about all of them last night.

Who Are Those 'Gangbangers' Obama's So Proud of Deporting?

What curious language, given the reality of Obama’s deportation record

Romney Uses the Term 'Undocumented Illegals' in Second Presidential Debate

It was awkward from the start. Her name was Lorainne and Romney wanted to call her “Loraina.”

'Binders Full of Women,' Violent Single Moms and Other Debate Moments

At least nobody can call the second debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama boring.

Paul Ryan Sticks to His Guns--and Points Them at the Social Safety Net

After the vice presidential debate, the divide between the candidates on jobs, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security could not be more stark.

Near Silence on Poverty in the Presidential Debate

One of the country’s biggest issues went largely ignored in last night’s presidential debate.

Plenty of Common Ground in Obama and Romney's Ed Reform Pitches

Surprise, surprise. When it comes to school reform, Republicans and Democrats agree on quite a bit.

Watch Tonight's Presidential Campaign Debates With Us!’s economic justice reporter Imara Jones will be livetweeting tonight’s debate.

Univision and NAACP Slam Debate Commission's All White Moderators

Univision president and CEO Randy Falco on Wednesday sent a letter to Janet H. Brown, the Commission on Presidential Debates’ executive director, expressing “disappointment on behalf of the millions of Hispanics who do not have a voice in the upcoming presidential debates.”