Death Penalty

Maryland House of Delegates Votes to End Death Penalty

Maryland is now the first state below the Mason-Dixon Line to abolish the death penalty.

CT Court Set to Hear Inmate's Case that Death Penalty is Racist

The inmates cite a study that concluded that people of color accused of murdering white victims are three times more likely to receive a death sentence as defendants in white-on-white murder cases.

California Voters Will Face Death Penalty Repeal in November

The initiative far exceeded the necessary signatures to qualify for the ballot this fall.

Ruling for First Death Row Inmate to test North Carolina's Racial Justice Act Expected Soon

The North Carolina law lets prisoners use statistical patterns to try to prove death sentences or jury selections were racially biased.

Justice John Paul Stevens' Only Regret: Texas Death Penalty Vote

The retired judge says that his 1977 vote to reinstate the Texas death penalty isn’t something he’s proud of.

Where Were You When Troy Davis was Killed? [Reader Forum]

A roundup of our Troy Davis pieces from last week, and reader reactions to his execution and to the movement’s next steps.

Beyond Troy Davis: How Race Colors Death Row 'Justice'

Troy Davis’s execution is an outrage, but it’s a bracingly typical one. Here’s a detailed look at how race shapes who ends up on death row and with life sentences in the U.S.

Wanna Make Troy Davis the Last Death Penalty Victim? Here's How to Start

As people across the globe mourn the death of Troy Davis, it’s time to recognize and support groups that are working to abolish capital punishment.

Kim Kardashian, Big Boi and the Celebrity Outcry to Save Troy Davis

Kim Kardashian surprised many by telling her 10 million followers she believes Troy Davis is innocent, joining other high profile figures who’ve added their names to the cause.

Supporters Rally to Save Troy Davis Days Before Scheduled Execution

Time is running out for Troy Davis, the death row inmate who many believe is innocent. Here’s a list of rallies happening across the country to save his life.

Georgia Sets September 21 Execution For Troy Davis

The state seems set on killing a man who many believe is innocent.

Prison Reformers Push to Stop Troy Davis's Execution

The NAACP, Amnesty International, and Color of Change are circulating action items urging the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole to grant Davis clemency.

Illinois Abolishes Death Penalty

Gov. Quinn said that the possibility of executing an innocent person made him question the integrity of the system.