Darren Wilson

Black man in blue jeans black t-shirt with white letters and multicolored picture holds hand of Black woman in white shirt and black pants and brown sunglasses in front of pink wall with red, blue and black projection and Black men in grey and blue suits

Michael Brown's Family Settles Wrongful Death Suit With City of Ferguson

Lezley McSpadden and Michael Brown Sr. sued Ferguson, its former police chief and ex-officer Darren Wilson for their son’s 2014 death, which sparked local and national activism against police violence.

Children march in the street at night, holding white banners with the faces of Michael Brown, Cary Bell and Eric Garner

#NeverForget: Michael Brown's Death, Two Years Later

On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown was killed—and we were forced to remind the world that Black Lives Matter.

We Remember: #MikeBrownForever

Michael Brown should have turned 20 years old today.

Saul Williams Hits Ferguson Streets for Stark New Music Video

“The Noise Came From Here” also features Marcellus Buckley, a poet and friend of Michael Brown. 

Michael Brown, One Year Later

The current movement to end racialized police and extrajudicial violence is made up of thousands of people and actions that don’t make the front page or the evening broadcast. One year after officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown, two key organizers from the St. Louis area share what they think about this political moment. 

In A Closely Watched Election, Ferguson Residents Vote Today

Low voter turnout has been a feature of past contests.

Eric Holder Blasts Ferguson's 'Disturbing' Pattern of Racial Bias

Little surprise here.

DOJ Memo: No Civil Rights Charges Brought Against Darren Wilson

“No evidence found”

The White Conversation on Race

Dumping Facebook friends isn’t enough. So Colorlines asked leaders working to create dialogue among white people about deeper solutions.

What Obama Says He'll Do About Police Brutality

The president’s plan leaves activists with questions and doubts.

Darren Wilson Would Like to Teach Others About Use of Force

And his wife is pregnant.

Why Courts Can't Solve the Problem of Cops Who Kill

Individual prosecutions of cops don’t often work, but maybe that’s because they’re not supposed to.

Here's A Preview of Darren Wilson's First TV Interview, Airing Tonight

Wilson reportedly says he would not do anything different that day.

Obama on Ferguson Grand Jury: Anger 'Is an Understandable Reaction'

Obama addresses the nation shortly after a grand jury declines to indict Darren Wilson.

Grand Jury Does Not Indict Darren Wilson

The decision not to indict was widely expected

DOJ Releases Holder Video Statement Ahead of Wilson Indictment Decision

One area district closes schools next week ahead of an anticipated decision.

75 Planned Actions for Darren Wilson Grand Jury Decision

And the list is growing.

Gov. Jay Nixon Orders State of Emergency in Missouri

Order fuels speculation that the grand jury will not indict Officer Darren Wilson

Watch: Darren Wilson Arrests Man for Recording Him

‘I’m gonna lock your ass up’

Eric Holder Doesn't Like the Leaks Coming From Ferguson

He’s “exasperated.”