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Trevor Noah, Hasan Minhaj. Two brown men sit in gray suits sit at large black-topped desk. One man points at the other, whose arms are above his head

Get Into Hasan Minhaj's Final 'The Daily Show' Appearance

The Desi comedian is moving on to star in his own show, Netflix’s “Patriot Act.”

Black man in maroon shirt and green pants holds red-and-gold popcorn statue while speaking at black microphone next to Black man in white shirt and black leather jacket in front of neon pink-lit background

These Performers of Color Cleaned Up at The First MTV Movie & TV Awards

Several of your favorite stars took home golden popcorn statues.

Trevor Noah. Black man shrugs next to graphic of Donald Trump

WATCH: Trevor Noah Breaks Down Trump's First 100 Days

President Donald Trump recently said that the 100-day mark is an “artificial barrier” that doesn’t apply to him because his is a “different kind of presidency.” The host of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” isn’t so sure.

Black man in navy suit and gold rings in foreground with Black man in navy suit seated in background against light blue wall

Key and Peele Bring Back President Obama, Luther for Gloriously Angry Farewell

“I got my eye on you, p****-grabber!” Luther warned the incoming president.

Black man in navy suit and red tie behind black microphone against dark blue-lit background

August Wilson, Barry Jenkins, Donald Glover Nominated for WGA Awards

The Writers Guild of America’s dual awards ceremonies will take place in New York City and Los Angeles on February 19.

Black man in navy suit and blue-and-white striped tie seated next to Black man in navy suit and dark red tie, both seated against brown background

President Barack Obama Addresses Trump, Racism on 'The Daily Show'

The president also explains why you should sign up for Obamacare while you still can.

Black man in black long-sleeve shirt near black microphone with multi-colored accessories on black ledge on white wall in the background

Trevor Noah Defends Tomi Lahren Interview, Addresses Photo Controversy on 'The Breakfast Club'

“The Daily Show” host and “The Breakfast Club’s” Charlamagne Tha God both faced criticism from people who say they indulged the conservative pundit’s anti-Black perspective.

White woman wears black dress, Black man wears navy suit, both sit at desk

WATCH: Trevor Noah Dismantles Argument of Guest Who Says She Doesn't See Color

Conservative talkshow host Tomi Lahren has previously equated the Black Lives Matter movement with the Ku Klux Klan.

Asian man in white jacket next to white man in navy suit

READ: Racist Fox News Segment Echoes Historic Anti-Asian Bullying

“To legitimize myself as a proper citizen of this country, there are times when I have wondered, despite myself, how much distance I must place between myself and those whom Watters and Trump feel free to mock,” wrote Jiayang Fan in a sobering essay for The New Yorker.

Trevor Noah in grey suit with white shirt and red striped tie

ICYMI: Watch Trevor Noah Go Off on Donald Trump in Blistering Rant

“The greatest country in the world is the country that accepts people who come in from everywhere in the world, Mr. Donald Trump.”

Jon Stewart in light blue dress shirt, Larry Wilmore in navy suit

Jon Stewart to Larry Wilmore: 'You Gave Voice to Underserved Voices'

Last night was the celebratory final episode of “The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore.”

Larry Wilmore in black suit with black tie and striped shirt against green-blue background

Larry Wilmore Says Comedy Central Didn't Promote 'The Nightly Show' Enough

Wilmore spoke with a number of outlets on “The Nightly Show’s” cancellation, commenting on its legacy and the ways its network could have done more to sustain the program. 

Black man sits at desk, picture of Donald Trump is behind him.

Trevor Noah Agrees With Trump, Says Election is Rigged

The Daily Show Host: “I know that this systemic level of election rigging must have come as a shock to Americans. Because had Americans known, surely the world’s greatest democracy would have done something about it by now.”

Phoebe Robinson in red patterned dress and blue denim jacket, holding black microphone

Phoebe Robinson's New 'Sooo Many White Guys' Podcast Highlights Creators from Marginalized Groups

The comedian and “2 Dope Queens” co-host’s new podcast debuted yesterday via WNYC.

Jessica Williams in black top and floral-print skirt

Jessica Williams Leaves 'The Daily Show' for Her Own Program

Williams was the show’s youngest—and only Black and female—correspondent.

'The Daily Show' Turns Trump Into a Trap Star With 'They Love Me'

Black Trump (a.k.a. correspondent Roy Wood Jr.) and hypeman Jordan Klepper rap a catchy track full of real Donald Trump quotes.

WATCH: Jessica Williams Tackles Trans Panic in This Epic Video

“The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” correspondent sat down with trans activists and a transphobic Colorado lawmaker to examine the rationale behind anti-trans laws.

Comedian Wyatt Cenac Talks New Projects, Painful Jokes and Being the Only Black Guy in the Room

The former “Daily Show” correspondent and writer’s got a new stand-up album, two new TV shows, and plenty to say about showbiz racism and power. 

‘The Daily Show’ Claps Back at ‘Ferguson Effect’ Myth

“The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah: “People claim that the police are unable to do their jobs because they’re afraid of being caught doing their jobs badly. And this is a big problem, unless you deal in facts. In which case it’s not actually a problem.”

VIDEO: Wyatt Cenac And Jon Stewart Seemingly Bury Conflict During 'Daily Show' Finale

The former “Daily Show” correspondent, who previously described an incident in which Jon Stewart cursed him out over criticism of a potentially-racist bit, appeared on the show’s finale and seemingly confirmed that there were no hard feelings.