Confederate Monuments

Willie Hudspeth. Black man holds white sign with red lettering that reads, "Please move statue to Confederate museum. God said, 'Love everybody.'"

After 20 Years of Solo Protest, a Texas Man is Thisclose to Toppling a Confederate Monument

Persistence is resistance.

White statue stands on green grass surrounded by yellow police blockades with black text in front of brown building

WATCH: Kneeling Protests and Confederate Monuments Converge for Shreveport Family

In a new mini-documentary, The New York Times profiles a mother who fought to remove a long-standing Confederate monument—and her teenage son who was prevented from kneeling before a high school football game.

Barack Obama smiles on a stage

Mississippi School Drops Jefferson Davis Moniker to Honor Barack Obama

Starting in 2018, the students will attend Barack Obama International Baccalaureate Elementary School.

Red flag with navy bars and white stars flies from brown flagpole in front of brown and green buildings and blue sky

South Carolina State Reps Propose Memorial for Black Confederate Soldiers

Confederate sympathizers have promoted stories about Black Civil War veterans—the vast majority of whom were enslaved peoples, conscripted into Confederate service—since the 1970s.

Black woman in green and grey baseball cap and green-brown campoflauge jacket and pants with multicolored patches holding black-and-white microphone in front of grey-lit background and scaffolding

This Supa Dupa Fly Petition Wants to Replace a Virginia Confederate Statue with Missy Elliott's Likeness

“She rose to become a platinum recording artist with over 30-million albums sold. All this without even once owning a slave.”

Black woman in red and white plaid shirt in grey handcuffs applied by white men in grey law enforcement uniforms in front of crowd in multicolored clothing and green grass and grey sky

Activists Who Helped Topple Durham Confederate Statue Face Charges As Baltimore, Philadelphia Authorities Tackle Monuments

Takiyah Thompson was the first person charged with participation and incitement of a riot for helping to tear down a Confederate memorial in Durham.

Brown and gold plaque on brown stone with brown plaque at bottom in front of brown building; Brown plaque with green letters

Black Leaders Fight to Remove Arizona's Confederate Monuments

Part of the state was a Confederate territory with legalized slavery. Black community activists want to remove monuments commemorating that history.

Statue on a flatbed truck with workers

New Orleans Removes First of Four Confederate Statues

Mayor Mitch Landrieu: “We can remember these divisive chapters in our history in a museum or other facility where they can be put in context—and that’s where these statues belong.”

Black man with black dreadlocks wearing black t-shirt and holding black and grey microphone

New Orleans Activist Receives Death Threats After Action Against Andrew Jackson Statue

Quess Moore was threatened after a group he’s involved in, Take Em Down NOLA, attempted to remove an Andrew Jackson monument over the weekend.

Two Charlotte Confederate Monuments Latest To Be Vandalized

One monument, which honored Confederate soldiers upholding the ‘Anglo-Saxon civilization of the South,’ was covered in cement.