Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas Joins SCOTUS Libs, Strikes Down Racist Gerrymandering

The court affirmed a lower court’s ruling that North Carolina’s Republican-led legislature violated the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.

SCOTUS Says Race Was Factor in Death Row Sentence

Nearly 30 years after a carefully constructed all-White jury convicted him of murder, a Black man living on death row will now get a new trial. Justice Clarence Thomas would rather that he didn’t.

SCOTUS Defends Native Tribe's Right to Impose Sales Tax on its Own Land

Nebraska v. Parker stemmed from a federal case in which the town of Pender, Nebraska, and several of its liquor stores sued the Omaha Tribe over an alcohol tax ordinance. 

SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas Asks First Question in 10 Years

Thomas broke his silence during a hearing about gun rights for people convicted of domestic violence.

Clarence Thomas, Elena Kagan and the Battle Over Who Gets To Rule

As the Supreme Court prepares to take on a slate of big, history-shaping cases, the most weighty question is which justices will–or won’t–get to decide the outcome. Victor Goode explains the ethics fight that’s not going away any time soon.

Anita Hill Opens Up About Today's Racial Injustices

In an interview with The Root, the legal scholar makes an important distinction between equality and civil rights.

What I Learned from Anita Hill at 20

At a major conference commemorating the 20th anniversary of Anita Hill’s groundbreaking testimony, the intersection between race and gender came through loud and clear.

Actually, It's Clarence Thomas Who Owes the Apology Here

CREDO Action does some reaching out across the years, too.

The Ongoing Self-Degradation of Virginia and Clarence Thomas

This time the high-tech lynching came through a phone line, but the evil still lurks within.

No, Anita Hill Will Not Apologize to Clarence Thomas' Wife

But she will call the cops if Virginia Thomas doesn’t stay off her voicemail.