Civil War

Ta-Nehisi Coates, John Kelly

Ta-Nehisi Coates Demolishes John Kelly's Claim That 'Lack of Compromise' Caused Civil War

President Donald Trump’s chief of staff also said, “Robert E. Lee was an honorable man.”

Four Black women in navy commencement robes and caps raise hands behind crowd of navy caps

Stanley Nelson Delivers a Fascinating New Documentary About HBCUs

Nelson, director of “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution,” is back with an intriguing history of HBCUs, “Tell Them We Are Rising.” Here, a day after its Sundance debut, he talks about the triumphs and controversies of these still-essential institutions.

Syrian Refugees and America's Long History of Selective Immigration Policy [OP-ED]

If the Senate votes yes to the American SAFE Act that Congress passed last week, it will be much more difficult for Syrian civil war refugees to come into the United States. It’s just the latest in American immigration policy shaped by xenophobia and racism. 

#TBT: Today Marks 153 Years Since The Gettysburg Address

President Abraham Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg reaffirmed a commitment to the equality of all mankind. 

WATCH: Octavia Spencer and Crissle West Depict 'Drunk History' Of Harriet Tubman's Union Spying

The Academy Award-nominated actress portrayed the historic abolitionist, Underground Railroad misison leader, and Union Spy in a suprisingly-hilarious retelling of her Civil War history by comedian Crissle West