Chinese Americans

10 Quotes to Celebrate the Life of Revolutionary Activist Grace Lee Boggs

Boggs died today at the age of 100. Get familiar.

'The Search for General Tso' and the Chinese-American Immigrant Experience

Who invented America’s favorite Chinese food dish, and why?

'9-man' Film Explores the Little-Known History of a Chinese-American Sport

Ostensibly a film about a variation on volleyball, “9-man” tackles race, identity, and masculinity head on.

Hazing Ruled Not the Cause of Chinese-American Marine's Suicide ?

A Hawaii-based Marine pleads guilty to assault in hazing case, gets 30 days in jail, lower rank.

Pvt. Danny Chen Driven to Suicide After Racist Bullying

The 19-year-old, born and raised in Manhattan’s Chinatown, was reportedly driven to suicide after months of racist bullying and abuse.

NYPD Filmed in Bloody Arrest of Elderly Chinese Musician

Residents say this is part of a larger trend of gentrification and police negligence in Chinese neighborhoods.

"Tiger Mothers" Are Driven by U.S. Inequity, Not Chinese Culture

Strict Asian parenting is often borne of struggle and exclusion and hardship, a reaction to learning that the American dream can remain elusive no matter how hard people work.