Chicago Police Department

Latinx man, Black man

Chicago Cop Indicted For Killing Jose Nieves

Prosecutors charged Lowell Houser with first-degree murder.

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DOJ: Chicago PD Uses Excessive Force in Communities of Color

The Department of Justice’s investigation was sparked by the death of Laquan McDonald at the hands of former officer Jason Van Dyke.

UPDATE: Chicago Youth Charged With Hate Crime for Allegedly Assaulting Teen With Intellectual Disability

Someone shouted, “F*ck Donald Trump” and “F*ck White people” during a live broadcast of the interaction. Prosecutors are considering hate crime charges.

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Chicago PD Officer Suspended for Killing Unarmed Man

The unidentified officer was off duty when he shot Jose Nieves.

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Chicago Police Kill Joshua Beal After Cousin's Funeral

Activists who gathered to support his family were met with racist epithets from “hostile” police supporters.

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Vic Mensa Survives Police Violence in Provocative New '16 Shots' Video

The rapper's new video, which premiered as a Tidal exclusive this weekend, features snippets from the video of Laquan McDonald's death at the hands of former Chicago Police Department officer Jason Van Dyke.

Police in black patrol attire with black-and-white checkered banners on hats against white police truck with red text

Witness to Laquan McDonald's Death Says Police Pressured Her to Change Story

Alma Benitez's filed a federal lawsuit alleging intentional coverup and intimidation by officers who asked her about the police-involved shooting.

Person wearing massive furry hood holds sign that reads: "16 shots and a cover up = resign!"

Grand Jury to Investigate Cover Up of Laquan McDonald Shooting

Seven Chicago Police Department officers were fired last month for their role in the officer-involved shooting. Now, they might face criminal charges.

7 Chicago Cops Implicated in Alleged Cover-Up of Laquan McDonald Shooting

Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson recommended that they be fired for filing false reports that contradict the infamous video of former officer Jason Van Dyke killing McDonald.

Hundreds of protestors sit in the street

Paul O'Neal Police Shooting Protests in 7 Photos

Activists took to the streets of Chicago to protest police violence that caused the death of the unarmed Black teenager.

Chicago Officials Release 101 Videos Documenting Alleged Officer Violence

Independent Police Review Authority chief Sharon Fairley: “It has been clear that we all agree that there’s a lack of trust and that increased transparency is essential to rebuilding that trust.”

Rahm Emanuel Will Disband Chicago's Police Authority, Create Civilian Body to Oversee System

“The new board will give a voice to Chicago residents whose lives are affected daily by police practices.”

Anita Alvarez Asks Court to Appoint Special Prosecutor in Laquan McDonald Case

After months of protests and a lost election, the state’s attorney finally recused herself from prosecuting the police officer who shot the Black teenager 16 times.

Chicago Police Union Hires Cop Who Killed Laquan McDonald

Jason Van Dyke was suspended without pay following his indictment for shooting the teenager 16 times.

#ByeAnita: Chicago Voters Oust State's Attorney Anita Alvarez

Challenger Kim Foxx beat out incumbent Alvarez—who infamously waited a full year to indict the Chicago Police officer who killed Laquan McDonald—for the Democratic nomination in Cook County.

Dispatch Catches Chicago Police Officers Saying N-Word, 'Black Lives Matter My A**'

The comments came about 12 hours after protestors forced the cancellation of a Donald Trump rally in Chicago.

WATCH: Young Activists Disrupt Anita Alvarez Fundraiser, Say #ByeAnita

Organizers from Black Lives Matter Chicago, BYP100 and Assata’s Daughters blocked entry at an event for the Cook County state’s attorney who waited more than a year to charge an officer for killing Laquan McDonald.

Petition Filed to Remove State's Attorney from Laquan McDonald Case

State’s attorney Anita Alvarez waited a year to charge a Chicago PD officer with murder for shooting 17-year-old McDonald.

Chicago Mayor Apologizes for Laquan McDonald’s Slaying. The People Are Not Interested

Not only did Rahm Emanuel’s speech spark more calls for his resignation, but a state rep introduced legislation to allow for his recall.

Justice Department to Investigate Chicago Police for Possible Civil Rights Violations

The investigation will examine how the Chicago Police Department uses force—and how officers are held accountable.