CeCe McDonald

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Five Must-Watch Films at the BlackStar Film Festival

Dubbed “Black Sundance,” the fifth annual festival starts today. Whether you’re heading to Philadelphia or just want to know what hot movies you should expect to see in theaters, here are five films you don’t want to miss.

CeCe McDonald Talks About the Bullying That Pushed Her Out of School

She was one of thousands of students of color who faced bullying and harassment in school.

CeCe McDonald to Rolling Stone: 'I Wasn't Born a Boy. I Was Born a Baby'

The women whose case galvanized thousands of people across the country shares stories from her painful past.

CeCe McDonald: 'Prisons Don't Keep Us Safe'

This video is part of an ongoing series of conversations on policing and safety in trans communities.

Watch Video of CeCe McDonald's Release From Prison

She’s a free woman!

CeCe McDonald Writes From Prison About Trayvon Martin

But perhaps the most poignant point in the letter comes when McDonald talks about her own survivor’s guilt as one of many high-profile people of color who have essentially been prosecuted for being victims.

Where Will CeCe McDonald Serve Her Time? The Devil is in the Details

The young Minneapolis transwoman incarcerated for defending herself in a racist and transphobic attack isn’t alone in her experience. Experts say her placement in a men’s facility is just one part of a complex–and dehumanizing–process.

Wells Fargo Hit With Molotov Cocktail in 'Solidarity With CeCe'

An anonymous message posted on an anarchist website took responsibility for the action they called a small gesture of solidarity with CeCe McDonald.

'Free CeCe' Graffiti Left on County Jail Building CeCe McDonald Was Held In

Graffiti backing CeCe McDonald sprayed on county jail she was held in.

Black Transgender Woman CeCe McDonald to be Housed in Male Prison

Minnesota will initially house new inmate CeCe McDonald as a male.

CeCe McDonald Deserves Our Support, 'Innocent' or Not

From CeCe McDonald to Trayvon Martin, the question of whether black victims of violence are supposedly “innocent” is irrelevant. What matters it that black and transgender bodies are often under siege, and sometimes we must fight back.

What's Next for CeCe McDonald? Support, Maybe Justice Reform

Billy Navarro of the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition talks about the fight to end transphobia on the streets, and in the criminal justice system.

Report: CeCe McDonald Pleads Guilty to Second Degree Manslaughter

Sad news out of Minnesota.

Supporters Stand in Solidarity for CeCe McDonald Murder Trial

McDonald, who’s black and transgender, stands accused of second degree murder. But supporters are adamant that she acted in self-defense.