campus racism

University of Chicago Fraternity Members' E-mails Tainted With Islamophobic, Anti-Black 'Jokes'

Members of UChicago’s Alpha Epsilon Pi chapter described a Muslim student as a “terrorist” and proposed a “Marathon Luther King Jr.” day-drinking celebration. 

POLL: Nation Split on How Universities Should Address Racism

After a season of student protests, Americans split along racial and political lines regarding the best remedy.

Black Administrator Named Interim President at Mizzou, Black Culture Center Sign Defaced

Michael A. Middleton is a two-time alum and served as the school’s deputy chancellor for nearly two decades.

BREAKING: Mizzou President Tim Wolfe Resigns Amid Campus Racism Controversy

It took a hunger strike and a football team on the sidelines, but the University of Missouri president has resigned.

Where Did SAE Learn Their Racist Song? From Themselves

No surprise here.

After Twitter Debate, Univ. of Michigan Details New Plan to Increase Black Enrollment

It all began on Twitter.

Live Chat: Dear White People and Black Student Activists Talk Race on College Campuses

Black students have spoken up all over social media about campus racism. Today we’re gathering together to chat about it together.

The Racist Things You've Been Saying in Class? Harvard's Black Students Heard You

And in a new social media campaign called “I Too Am Harvard,” they’re talking back.

UC Irvine Asian-American Frat's Awful Blackface Video As Bad As It Sounds

There are no excuses. But this isn’t the first time Lambda Theta Delta’s been down this road.