Campaign Zero

Map shows states considering legislation related to protest

New Tool Helps Activists Take Resistance to State Capitols

OurStates aims to help communities advocate for their rights at the state level.

celebrities in quadrant frames with brown backgrounds

Black Stars Unite Against Police Violence Via #SomedayIsToday PSAs

Rutina Wesley, Boris Kodjoe and other Hollywood figures feature in the Campaign Zero-supported PSAs.

Today: White House Will Bring Together Civil Rights Activists Past and Present

President Obama is set to meet with leaders from Black Lives Matter and the Civil Rights movement.

ICYMI: Watch Activist DeRay McKesson School Stephen Colbert on White Privilege

McKesson on privilege and racism: “Gotta create space for the conversation. We can’t address what we don’t talk about.”

STUDY: How Police Departments Are Really Using Body Cameras

Campaign Zero evaluated the body camera policies for the police departments in the nation’s largest cities for fairness, transparency, privacy, accountability and overall coverage.

Black Lives Matter-Affiliated Groups Get Approval to Hold Democratic Town Hall

The town hall has been approved by the DNC, despite their—and the RNC’s—refusal to add another debate to the election calendar. 

READ: DeRay Mckesson Reveals Details of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Meetings

From community policing to the racial wealth gap, activists broke down the policies that can really tackle structural racism in American.

Black Activists Meet With Senior White House Officials

Activists representing Campaign Zero and Black Lives Matter-affiliated organizations met with Valerie Jarrett, Roy Austin and other senior White House officials on Wednesday. 

DeRay Mckesson, Johnetta Elzie and Co. Launch Campaign Zero To End Police Brutality

The “data-informed” platform was launched at the end of last week by prominent black activists, presenting a 10-point platform for eliminating police brutality.