This FCC Vote Will Bring Broadband to More Low-Income Families

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to expand the Lifeline program—which currently subsidizes phone plans for many low-income Americans—to include broadband Internet access. 

Hollywood Unions Blast Google After More Than 7 Million Sign SOPA Petition

On Wednesday more than 7 million people in the U.S. signed Google’s petition urging Congress to stop #SOPA and #PIPA, the two bills that would censor the web.

What Is SOPA? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know

Thousands of websites are going dark today in protest of a new bill that’s being debated in Congress.

The FCC Is Trying to Close the Digital Divide--Sort Of

The FCC is launching a new pilot program this year to make broadband more affordable. Quiet as it’s kept, this isn’t the commission’s first effort, but civil rights groups say it can’t be anywhere near the last.

Feminism Fail: iPhone's Siri Stumped By Abortion But Can Easily Find Viagra

As people of color lead the country in smartphones adoption, some argue that those phones discriminate in the content that’s available to users.

Net Neutrality Survives Senate, But Advocates Push for Stronger Reforms

This week the Senate voted against a measure to strip the FCC of its rulemaking power. But the fight to decide who will control the Internet is far from over, and Web users of color have the most to gain.

Media Justice Activists Launch New Effort to Target Black Web Users

Netroots activists will launch Black Voices for Internet Freedom this Friday in Washington, D.C.

Welcome to the Wild, Wild (Mobile) Web: U.S. v. AT&T, 2.0

The Justice Department announced that it’s suing the company to prevent its acquisition of T-Mobile. And users of color have a lot riding on the lawsuit’s outcome.

People of Color are Leading YouTube's Growth

But will tiered pricing plans curb mobile Web growth?

Civil Rights Groups and Telecom Watchdogs Split On Mobile Merger

The NAACP and Urban League have said the deal is good for people of color. But media justice advocates insist it’ll threaten equal access and drive up costs–and they charge civil rights groups are selling out.

AT&T Paints Itself As the Underdog in Proposed T-Mobile Merger

The company’s resorted to scare tactics in a bid to win sympathy from federal regulators.

FCC's Mignon Clyburn Vows To Fight for Mobile Users

But House Republicans and telecom companies are ready for a fight.

Join Us at the National Conference for Media Reform

We’re joining thousands of people in the fight for media reform in Boston this weekend. Come join us.

Court Dismisses Verizon, Metro PCS Suits Against FCC's Web Rules

For mobile users of color, there’s good and bad news when it comes to recent efforts to squash net neutrality rules.

Understanding the AT&T Takeover of T-Mobile

The proposed merger could have far-reaching implications for blacks and Latinos, who primarily access the Web with mobile devices.

GOP Votes to Prevent FCC Funding for New Open Web Rules

Republicans side with big telecom companies to decide the future of the Internet.

Obama's Wireless Plan Turns Public Utilities Over to Corporate Profits

The president’s magic plan to expand broadband and fix the deficit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here’s why.

Will Users or Telecoms Profit From FCC Broadband Expansion Plan?

Consumer advocates listen with skepticism and cautious hope to FCC plan for closing digital divide.