Brian Encinia

Charges Dropped Against Officer Who Violently Arrested Sandra Bland

Bland family attorney on Brian Encinia: “You cannot expect communities to feel confident with the system if officers are caught lying in written documents and are not held accountable.”

Sandra Bland's Family Settles Civil Suit For $1.9 Million, Pledged Jail Procedure Changes

The settlement requires that the Texas jail where Bland died under suspcicious circumstances in 2015 implement electronic sensors that ensure timely and accurate jail cell checks.

The Cop Who Violently Arrested Sandra Bland Was Just Fired

Brian Encinia stopped and arrested Bland three days before she was found dead in a Texas jail cell.

Texas Trooper Charged With Perjury for Lying About Sandra Bland's Arrest

Brian Encinia arrested Bland before her mysterious and controversial death in police custody. 

No Indictment in Jail Cell Death of Sandra Bland

But special prosecutor Darrell Jordan says, “The case is not over.”

Sandra Bland Video Appears to be Edited, Shows Cop Threatened Her With Taser

Dashcam video reveals the arresting officer provided conflicting versions of the arrest and threatened Bland with a Taser.