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Red flag with navy stripes and white stars on white pole in front of grey building and statue and blue sky

Charleston Activist Freed After Arrest for Knocking Down Confederate Flag

Video shows Muhiyidin Elamin Moye, a member of a Charleston, South Carolina-based Black Lives Matter group, jumping through police tape to grab South Carolina Secessionist Party leader James Bessenger’s Confederate flag.

People stand looking at colorful memorial in front of white church

We Remember: The Charleston Massacre, 1 Year Later

Say their names.

15 Remarkable Women of Color Who Rocked 2015

It’s been a big year for these 15 changemakers from the worlds of political activism, art, literature, fitness and entrepreneurship.

Activists Petition South Carolina to #DropTheCharges for Spring Valley Students

The two girls involved in the #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh are facing charges of disturbing schools and assault on an officer.

Video: Check Out Bree Newsome's Surreal Short Film 'Wake'

The woman who braved arrest to take down the Confederate Flag at the South Carolina capitol building is also a filmmaker. Check out her surreal short film “Wake.”

The Top 5 Bree Newsome Memes

Also, some stunning artistic renditions of the activist’s daring pole-climb and removal of the Confederate battle flag from South Carolina’s statehouse.