Boston Bombing

Father of Wrongly Accused Teen in Boston Bombing May Sue New York Post

The paper may have to pay for its careless reporting.

Family Of Missing Brown Student Misidentified as Boston Bomber Issues Statement

The statement was published a Facebook page they started to help find their son.

Decoding the Invisible Whiteness In Boston Bombing Coverage

We live in an ahistorical culture that continually attempts to deny the white supremacy that determines who is and isn’t defined as a U.S. citizen, a criminal, a terrorist or a victim. A trip through our history is instructive.

The Tangled Meanings--and Misuses--of 'Radicalization'

Everybody wants to know whether and how the Tsarnaev’s religious views radicalized them. But is that even the right question? And what are its implications?

Comedian Hasan Minhaj Takes On CNN's Boston Manhunt Coverage

Comedian Hasan Minhaj takes on CNN reporting misinformation.

Reddit: Sorry for Shoving Missing Student Into Boston 'Witch Hunt'

“We hope that Boston will also be where reddit learns to be sensitive of its own power,” a reedit general manager said.

Boston Rattles Immigration Reform Hearings

Senators on all sides of immigration negotiations are getting testy about how Boston should or should not matter.

The News Media's Public Disservice in Boston

In moments like these, people make assumptions. It becomes all the more important for media to challenge those assumptions and keep our prejudices in check. In that, too many failed.

Sen. Grassley Conflates Immigration Reform With Boston Violence

Senate Republicans begin to speculate about whether Boston attacks should shape the immigration reform effort.

CNN's John King Fails to Explain His 'Dark Skinned' Comment on Twitter

The internet is handling this one.

The Post-Boston Islamophobic Hate Crimes Have Begun

We have been here before.

Here's Video of CNN Spreading Rumors About A 'Dark Skinned' Boston Suspect

CNN reported a “dark-skinned” suspect had been arrested. But it turned out to be a complete lie.

Tim Wise on Understanding the Power of Whiteness, Terrorism and Privilege

There is a double standard: White terrorists are dealt with as lone wolves but non-white terrorists can stigmatize an entire group of people.

Injured Saudi Man is a Witness, Not a Suspect, in Boston Marathon Violence

Clearing up some of the chaos from Monday’s violence.

How We Can Break the Cycle of Pain From Mass Violence

Care for those hurt. Care for those who will be accused. And care for ourselves. That’s how we’ll grow together, rather than tear apart.

History Would Repeat Itself If Boston Derailed Immigration Reform

American lawmakers have generally responded to acts of mass violence, whether by U.S. citizens or foreigners, with anti-immigration laws and a retreat from reform.