Body Camera

Police body camera technology

READ: Body Cameras Won't Save Us

A new article from The Atlantic says there is only so much that technology can do to improve police accountability.

White man wearing glasses with camera

Report: Police Need More Transparent Body-Worn Camera Footage Policies

A new analysis from The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and Upturn argues that body-worn cameras can hurt people of color when they are not employed to increase accountability.

Keith Lamont Scott smiling in brown shirt with people in background

Charlotte Police Release Additional Video of Keith Lamont Scott Shooting

Family attorney Justin Bamberg: “This video does not shine any light on whether a firearm was in his possession or where it was found.”

Black protestors march in the streets of Harlem

Charlotte Uprising Protesters Release Demands, CMPD Releases Videos

Charlotte Uprising organizer Marcus Bass: “While the right to own a gun is valued as a cornerstone of American citizenship, the right of Black people to live through a police encounter is not equally valued.”