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Black Enrollment Falls at Mizzou Following Anti-Racism Protests

The impact of the 2015 campus racism and subsequent inaction of the administration is still being felt at University of Missouri.

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Cal State Housing Option Focused on Black Students Causes Controversy

Several right-wing publications have accused Cal State L.A. of promoting segregation with the Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community.

Duke Students Sit-in to Protest Alleged Racism

Protesting students and supporters talked to Colorlines about the multi-day occupation and what it seeks to address. 

WATCH: 'Concerned Student 1950' is a New Doc From Mizzou Students About Being #BlackOnCampus

“Concerned Student 1950” takes its name from the student activist group whose protests eventually unseated University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe. 

STUDY: Graduation Gap Growing Between Black and White Students

“What we see in our report lends credibility to what the student activists have been saying.”

STUDY: Student Activists Slowly Forcing University Presidents to Address Racial Disparities

The American Council on Education asked university presidents to share how movements like #BlackOnCampus are influencing how they lead.

University of Chicago Fraternity Members' E-mails Tainted With Islamophobic, Anti-Black 'Jokes'

Members of UChicago’s Alpha Epsilon Pi chapter described a Muslim student as a “terrorist” and proposed a “Marathon Luther King Jr.” day-drinking celebration. 

POLL: Nation Split on How Universities Should Address Racism

After a season of student protests, Americans split along racial and political lines regarding the best remedy.

ICYMI: Missouri Rep Introduces Bill to Revoke Scholarships of Protesting Student Athletes

The bill comes just one month after the Mizzou football team went on strike to force the university president to resign.

Brown University Pledges $100 Million to Address Campus Racism

The money will be used to implement president Christina H. Paxson’s new diversity and inclusion plan.

Claremont McKenna Dean Steps Down, Indiana Faces New Campus Threats

Said Mary Spellman on her departure: ”I believe it is the best way to gain closure of a controversy that has divided the student body and disrupted the mission of this fine institution.”

Black Administrator Named Interim President at Mizzou, Black Culture Center Sign Defaced

Michael A. Middleton is a two-time alum and served as the school’s deputy chancellor for nearly two decades.

Ithaca College Students and Faculty Stage Walk Out, Call for President’s Resignation

Students around the country are forcing administrators to address the racial inequality they face on campus.

More Mizzou Racism. This Time, Violent Threats

Read one post on an anonymous message app: “I’m going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see.” 

BREAKING: Mizzou President Tim Wolfe Resigns Amid Campus Racism Controversy

It took a hunger strike and a football team on the sidelines, but the University of Missouri president has resigned.