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3 Major Takeaways From New Survey on Trump and Millennials of Color

The new GenForward survey says: people of color are not here for President Donald Trump or his policies.

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What You Need to Know About Youth, Race and Politics in 4 Charts

The latest GenForward survey tapped millennials to find out exactly how they feel about the upcoming election.

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3 Takeaways From New Poll on Millennials of Color and the Election

The latest GenForward report reveals that different communities of color have majorly disparate concerns leading up to November’s election.

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POLL: Young White Adults Think Black Lives Matter Encourages Violence Against Police

Conversely, the survey also found that the message of the Black Lives Matter movement may be gaining ground outside of the African-American community.

ROUNDUP: What You Need to Know About the Reaction to bell hooks' Critique of 'Lemonade'

From Melissa Harris-Perry to Jamilah Lemieux, several prominent Black women in media and academia have weighed in on the state of Black Feminism and hooks’ take on the visual album. Listen in on the conversation.

WATCH: Young Activists Disrupt Anita Alvarez Fundraiser, Say #ByeAnita

Organizers from Black Lives Matter Chicago, BYP100 and Assata’s Daughters blocked entry at an event for the Cook County state’s attorney who waited more than a year to charge an officer for killing Laquan McDonald.

STUDY: Half of Black Millenials Know a Victim of Police Violence, Still See Cops as Protectors

Fifty-four percent of young black people surveyed say that either they or someone they know have been harassed by police or been the victim of police violence. Meanwhile, 66 percent still think police are there to protect them.

RECAP: From #BlackLivesMatter to #RiseUpOctober, a Day of Protest

Photos and videos of activists in New York City, Chicago and Ithaca as they rallied and marched against structural racism and its impact on people of color in this nation.

Study Finds Growing Racial Divide Among Young People on Immigration

But they often had varying ideas of how immigration was changing the country’s landscape.