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REPORT: Young Black and Latino Men Want to be 'Heard, Not Judged'

The report—created by a market research firm—also found that they need “trusted resources” for mental health and skills development.

In Oakland, School Program Focuses on Black Boys' Success

A new report evaluates a class and mentoring program just for black boys in Oakland.

Black, Latino Kids with Autism More Likely Than Whites to Lose Motor Skills

Autism is marked by myriad racial disparities.

Less Affluent Expected to Adopt iPhone When it Comes to Virgin Mobile; Insiders Warn Prepaid Market is Less Regulated

Analysts expect the less affluent to adopt the phone because prepaid services require no contract or credit checks for customers but others fear more people will enter a less regulated mobile space.

If You Were A White Forbes Columnist Commenting On Black Kids... [Reader Forum]

Readers come up with excellent responses to Forbes writer Gene Marks’ much-mocked “If I Were A Poor Black Kid…”

31 Million U.S. Kids Live in Poverty Today As Racial Inequality Deepens

More than one in three black kids–a full 36 percent of black youth–live in poverty, along with 31 percent of Latino children.

Philly Mayor Michael Nutter Joins Bill Cosby in Bashing Black Teens and Parents

But while he lectures on personal responsibility, Mayor Nutter should take another look at his job description.

Chicago Study Proves That All Young Black Voters Aren't the Same

It’s time for a more nuanced approach to address the needs of young voters of color.