Black Voters

Supporters wait for the arrival of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and vice presidential nominee Governor Mike Pence during their final campaign rally on Election Day in the Devos Place November 8, 2016, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What Trump Voters Think of Climate Change

It’s not what their president thinks.

WATCH: This Video Exposes the Harm and Hypocrisy of Voter ID Laws

John Oliver hilariously dismantles the case for enacting restrictive voter identification laws.

Why the GOP's Black Voter Outreach Won't Stick

Don’t they remember birtherism? The Voting Rights Act?

Young Black Women Led 2012 Youth Voter Turnout

Youth voter turnout was down in 2012, but young black women led the charge of those who did turn out to the polls.

Black Voters Made History By Beating Whites to Polls Last November

African Americans turned out to vote at a higher rate than white voters last November

Black People Voted on Election Day, Too, By the Way

An NAACP poll points to interesting trends: widespread support for marriage equality and the DREAM Act; shaky support for Democrats beyond Barack Obama.

Polls: Blacks and Latinos a Big Part of Upcoming Gay Marriage Revolution

If you look at last Tuesday’s exit polls alongside other recent studies you’ll find that as more African Americans and Latinos become registered voters the more likely it is for more same-sex marriage victories.

Awkward Moments with Mitt Romney: That One Time He Asked a Group of Black Teens 'Who Let The Dogs Out?'

It was at a 2008 Martin Luther King Day parade in Jacksonville, Florida that Mitt Romney made the ill-considered decision to chant the lyrics to the Baha Men’s song.

Obama Leads Romney Among Black Voters 94-0% (Yeah, as in Zero Percent)

Wondering how Mitt Romney is doing with black voters? Not good.

General Motors and Walgreens Leave ALEC, 30 Firms Have Left

Walgreens and General Motors are the 29th and 30th corporations to announce that they have dropped ALEC.

Obama Re-election Campaign Hires Black Voter Outreach Director

The Obama re-election campaign hired Stefanie Brown to be the African-American Vote Director for the campaign’s Operation Vote outreach effort.

Wisconsin Set to Pass Country's Most Restrictive Voter ID Law

As more bills sweep across the country, concern is growing over the GOP’s push to fix a problem that, statistically, just doesn’t exist.

Yup, the Tea Party's Racist, Study Finds (But It's Not Alone)

Implicitly white supremacist politics are more ubiquitous now than they’ve been in a generation.

Southern Dems Hope Black Voters Can Save Them

But does the president’s party deserve the support?