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orange pill that reads Free the Pill

#FreeThePill Day Marks 59th Anniversary of Birth Control Pill

The movement to make the pill available over the counter hops on Twitter. 

Brown woman holds pregnant belly, rest of frame is black

Trump Administration's Contraception Proposal Hijacks Program for Women in Poverty

The government wants women whose employers object to paying for contraception on religious grounds to rely on a program aimed at keeping lower-incoming earning women healthy.

A Black protestor holds a sign that says 'keep abortion legal' in front of the supreme court

Reproductive Rights Did Not Win the Midterm Elections

From state constitution changes to the revocation of an Obama-era birth control rule, things are changing.

SCOTUS Rules in Hobby Lobby's Favor Over Birth Control

In a 5-4 ruling.

Are You Eligible for No Co-Pay Birth Control? A Handy Guide to Find Out

It’s a big day for contraception. But the ins and outs of the policy implementation mean many women won’t get covered.

An Obama Victory: Co-Pay Free Birth Control Becomes a Reality For Women

The Obama administration said yes to full insurance coverage for women’s contraceptives, STD screenings and other preventive measure. Fine print aside, they’ve done the right thing.

Birth Control Without Co-Pays and 4 Reasons to Care About Health Reform

A new report recommends that the feds force insurance companies to fully cover birth control pills, STD screenings and other women’s health musts under health reform. It’s up to us to make them listen.

Latinas Rallying For Reproductive Justice

It’s Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice, and bloggers are sounding off about self-determination and controlling their own reproductive destinies.

No Free Pill Yet Under New Healthcare Regulations

From a reproductive justice standpoint, birth control isn’t just a women’s issue but an issue of racial and socioeconomic equity as well.