Broken computer

STUDY: Machines Are Just as Racist as Humans

But researchers say artificially intelligent machines can be fixed.

STUDY: White Teachers Often Expect Black Students to Fail

And researchers say those low expectations frequently become self-fulfilling prophecies.

DOJ Forces Overhaul of Newark's Racially Biased Police Department

The agency just reached an agreement with the city that calls for reform in 12 areas, including body-worn camera and use of force policies.

STUDY: White Students See Asian-Americans as More Competent Than Blacks, Latinos

Researchers find that some students at prestigious universities subscribe to stereotypes that can impact everything from the workforce to the voting booth.

WATCH: The Science Behind Why People Think Stereotypes Are True

Franchesca explans it all: “Stereotypes are cognitive shortcuts.”

Report: White Men Make Up 79% of the Elected Prosecutors Who Decide on Criminal Charges

Elected prosecutors decide when and how to bring criminal charges—and they are overwhelmingly white and male.

FBI to Track Hate Crimes Against Sikh, Hindu and Arab-Americans

Activists say better reporting will also help with prevention.

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Mass Incarceration?

California voters may lead the way on Nov 4.

Pew Survey Explores Racial Attitudes Toward Ferguson Crisis*

Some of the results may surprise you.

New Report Illustrates Obstacles for Transgender Immigrants

Being undocumented and transgender poses unique and difficult circumstances for immigrants in the U.S.