Barbara Lee

U.S. Supreme Court and protest sign supporting abortion

Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus Renews Its Fight For Women's Reproductive Health

Representatives Barbara Lee and Judy Chu introduced legislation that aims to protect the right to choose.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard, President Donald Trump, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee

Trump Launches Missiles at Syria, Legislators of Color Respond

Representative Tulsi Gabbard: “Trump’s military strikes in Syria are reckless and short-sighted.”

These Members of Congress Say They Will Confront Racial Inequality in America

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman: “We are in a war of classism and racism and sexism, and if we don’t come to that reality now—and stand up against it now—we will lose this opportunity.”

An AIDS 2012 Takeaway: More Poor, Criminalized and Marginalized Folks Belong at the Table

This week’s International AIDS Conference brought more than 20,000 top experts, activists, politicians and celebrities to the nation’s capitol to exchange ideas about how to end HIV. Here’s hoping that the next one will include more everyday people.