Dr. Dre Teams Up With AT&T to Beat Spotify, Pandora

Dr. Dre isn’t satisfied with conquering the world of designer headphones.

T-Mobile's Back in the News -- This Time Trying to Stop a Merger

Consider this the latest in what will likely be a series of back-and-forth battles as mobile companies duke it out to build the infrastructure mobile data users need.

Happy 5th Birthday iPhone -- But Look At What You've Done

The iPhone was unveiled five years ago today but it’s one of the major players in an industry that’s created a new digital divide.

AT&T Drops Bid to Buy T-Mobile: Here's Why You Should Be Happy

The implications are huge for mobile users of color, many of whom are stuck on the wrong side of a new digital divide.

How Big Telecom Used Smartphones to Create a New Digital Divide

The information age’s defining question is no longer who’s online, but how they got there. Consumers of color are closing the digital divide with smart phones. But they’ve surfed into a space where telecom has the right to do as it pleases with both users and content.

Welcome to the Wild, Wild (Mobile) Web: U.S. v. AT&T, 2.0

The Justice Department announced that it’s suing the company to prevent its acquisition of T-Mobile. And users of color have a lot riding on the lawsuit’s outcome.

The Debate Over Civil Rights Groups, Labor Support For AT&T Heats Up

Netroots advocates say Beltway groups have become Big Telecom’s “astroturf.” Civil rights groups say they’re all about jobs–and charge critics with simplistic name-calling.

AT&T Paints Itself As the Underdog in Proposed T-Mobile Merger

The company’s resorted to scare tactics in a bid to win sympathy from federal regulators.

Understanding the AT&T Takeover of T-Mobile

The proposed merger could have far-reaching implications for blacks and Latinos, who primarily access the Web with mobile devices.